Night's Darkness

January 3, 2013
It was a cold winter night. The moon was full and the air was still and silent. Cutting through the stillness was the roar of a diesel engine as it came down the street with the dim flickering street lights. The truck was swerving left and right until it finally pulled into a drive way. The engine was silenced, then returned the eerie stillness. Out of the truck came a man about 5' 10" he staggered to the door. Even a midst the darkness of the night, you could still see the madness in his pale blue bloodshot eyes. He grabbed his keys and unlocked the door. He rammed the door open. Upon entering the house he was immedeatly questioned by a woman who appeared to be his wife. This put him over the top he began to yell and cuss. The woman went away hurt, frustrated and in tears. Then came out another female, his daughter, she looked about sixteen and appeared about 5' 5". The man had just emptied his pockets onto a counter and sat down on the couch. His daughter grabbed something off the counter and darted down the hallway of which she had come. {The man stood up and raced after her. She ran into a room and slammed the door shut and quickly locked it. The man kicked the door down and yelled furiously} " What did you take?!" Responding as calm as she could manage she said, "Your keys." His eyes widened, he screamed "Where are they?!? Give them back!!" When she refused, the man raised his right with an open palm and hit her across the face. With a thud she hit the floor. The house fell silent. The man furiously began searching throughout the room for his keys. He ripped the drawers from the dresser and threw them across the room shattering them against the wall. All the while the girl lay lifeless on the floor in a puddle of blood. She clipped the back of her head on the bookshelf as she fell to the ground. The mother heard all noise and came out to see what the hell was going on. As soon as her eyes fell upon the pale lifeless body of her daughter she screamed. She ran for her phone to call an ambulance, but the man beat her to the phone. The man grabbed a gun from the top dresser drawer and struck the woman with the hilt of the gun knocking the woman out cold. Then he returned to his daughters room to find his keys. He was puzzled when he entered the room and the body was gone.

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