December 18, 2012
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Edric was sweating. He had just ran out of his history class because he didn't want anyone to see what had happened. He knew that his history professor, Professor Palmer, would be following him very soon, so he dodged a few corners. She wouldn't find him so quickly.

Sliding down to the floor, he lifted up his sleeve. Wires and sparks of electricty were sticking out of his arm. Edric closed his eyes and started to pant. This was not good. What would tell his mother? Only a few where chosen to become one of Them. Why would they choose him?

"Edric? Are you feeling alright?" Professor Palmer said, turning the corner. She was still holding the greek mythology book in her hands, but she had removed her glasses.

Quickly, he tried to pull down his sleeve, "I am fine. I just got a little dizy."

"Let me see your arm!" She demanded her eyes suddenly wide. Reluctantly, he gave her his arm. She pushed his sleeve back and gasped, "Edric, your to young! I don't understand!"
"Yeah, well, neither do I"
"It might not be to late! Has it spread?"

Edric lifted his other sleeve, it was there he lifted up his pant leg, it was there too. He let out a pleaging cry, "Please help me! Professor!?"

His professor was already dialing the number into her cell and was pulling out her car keys. Shem motioned for him to follow her. They both bolted out of the building. Running to her car, the professor cursed and threw the phone at him, "Call the mback unitl they answer! Now come on; get in the car!"

Halfway down the interstate to the house of elders Edric felt sharp stabbing pains in his chest. He let out a muffled cry of pain and Professor Palmer looked over at him with concerned eyes.

"Is it spreading?"

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Swimmerguy said...
Dec. 28, 2012 at 4:02 pm
All i have to say is, Why did you stop! You should try to make a story out of this. Some grammar here and there but a proof read will fix that. Dont Stop!
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