Angel of Darkness

November 26, 2012
By ace122 GOLD, Newark, New Jersey
ace122 GOLD, Newark, New Jersey
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"The people who have walked in the darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a great light has shined."

Last night… I had a dream. It was a dream of utter despair. It was a short dream, but a dream no less. I should call it a nightmare… but something inside me says that this dream is completely unworthy of that word. The only way I can describe it… is… odd. It wasn’t scary, but it was at the same time. It wasn’t wonderful, yet it felt my heart with a feeling of beautiful love and explicit joy and laughter. As I have said before… this dream was not worth the word nightmare.
It all started with a dark room… bare and quiet. I stud in lone spot within this bleak unending darkness. I looked around, I was alone in and empty space… not for long though. After a while, I begun to hear footsteps as a shadowy figure appeared. I squinted my eyes and was able to make out a girl. She had on a school uniform and had strange looking pink hair. Her face looked shy, but her body language said otherwise.
A spot light gleamed above me giving the room a small amount of light. Not enough for me to make out where I was… but enough to calm my nerves a bit. This did not stop the girl though… no… she continued walking. She walked slowly and calming until she met me face to face in the odd spot light.
I was right, it was a girl. I could see her clearly now. Her face did indeed looked shy, but her eyes were filled with glorious confidence that screamed for attention. I was not frightened by the girl at all. Her aura seemed kind and loving. Something… I don’t know what but something, told me to speak to the girl and I did. I uttered at quick hello, which made this mysterious girl look up at me and smile. She batted her eyes and walked just a little closer to me and reached out her hand.
I extended my arm just as she did hers. Did she want a hand shake? I touched the palm of her hand, and then her shy smile faded. Her happy looked faded into a pitiful frown and a single red tear drop fell from the girls’ eye. I pulled my hand from her and back away. She just stood there quietly frowning… not moving… barely breathing. This is where the unworthy word would kick in. This is where the air became heavy and that comforting feeling gently slipped away in the most uncomfortable of ways.
I didn’t like the way the girl looked at me. I didn’t like that way she was staring. It scared me… I don’t like being scared. I closed my eyes for a short moment, then opened them once more, in hopes that she’d disappear. I was right… the girl did disappear. Yet another girl stood in her place. This girl had the same eerie frown on her face and was just as beautiful. Her hair was white though and her eyes and unforgettable deep crimson color. Her hair long and flowing nearly touched the back of her knees… the other girl she hair was around waist length.
The uniform was the same and her shoes were the same… the clothes did not change at all. Her face was the same… her height was the same. Even her body type stayed exactly how it was… but this was not the same girl. This girl seemed different. She had a powerful aura, the aura of a tyrant… evil and strong. I didn’t like the feeling she gave off. The girl looked to both sides, left, right then again. She then looked forward at me and nodded, as if she approved of me. The girl lifted her hand, then gestured with a lone finger for me to come closer.
I pointed to myself as if to ask “me?” She nodded and continued that same gesture. I didn’t want to step any closer, but for some reason… I did as she asked. She held her hand out, palm up to signal me to stop when we were only a few inches apart. Once I got close to her the air in the room seem to melt away… I began choking. My lungs burned and my sight blurred. I tried to step away, but she grabbed my arm before I could move. I could have easily broken free from her grip, but I was paralyzed by fear. I didn’t know what to do at the moment, beside stare into her eerie, unmistakable red eyes. “You” said the girl. “You… are mine.”
Immediately the air completely cleared the room and my lung squeezed me. I panicky broke her hold on my arm and ran. I didn’t know where I was running to and I didn’t care. Anywhere was better than near that girl. I didn’t look back and I don’t believe she followed me. I woke from that point. I was safe and unharmed in my soft, comfy bed. There was nothing around that could possibably choked me… yet I still couldn’t breathe.
I’ve had that dream only once but… strangely I hope I have it again. I want to know more about her… both of them. I want to see that sweet, innocent, loving girl who begun my retched dream. But, I also want know who the girl who’s aura could enslave millions could possibably be.
I want to know… her name.

The author's comments:
It's a prologue of a story I'm writing. I just want an opinion on it before I finish the whole story.
It's all a dream... that's all I can say about this piece...

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on Dec. 13 2012 at 10:04 am
word-whisperer-13 SILVER, Somerton, Arizona
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"Without reading we would be cooped up and left to die from being so bored."-Mr. @kins
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Very good concept, but just some advice, check your grammar and it will be an awsome story


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