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The Day I Followed my Wife

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Summer has been acting weird these days. She acts like she’s hiding something. She isn’t even making eye contact with me. It’s like she is avoiding me. She’s always leaving and staying out late. She even came in at 2:00 in the morning when she has work early. Something is going on and I know it.

I’ve been hanging out with a couple friends lately and I have explained this problem with them. Jay and Howard seem to think that I should start spying on her or get someone to. They think I shouldn’t trust her, even though we have been married three years now. They even went as far as to give me some cheap spy equipment they found at Target or Walmart. It came with binoculars, some walkie-talkies, eye paint, a black hat and a wooden gun painted in some gross camouflage color. It bothers me that they were serious about this. I have decided to go through with this even though I should trust her.

I took the binoculars and threw the rest of the junk away. I decided to start by looking at her work. She works at Bed Bath and Beyond. I’m starting to regret going to spy on her because I didn’t want to believe that I saw her boss trying to flirt with her. She looked uncomfortable, but she also didn’t turn him down. Her boss had finally left, and she had to go work at the cash register. She glanced over at my direction and she might have seen me. I saw her walking out from the register, but by that time I was already out of the store. Seeing this had made me suspect the worst from her.

Later that night when we were eating dinner, Summer brought up the topic of her boss. She stated that her boss wanted to have dinner with her the next night and talk about getting a promotion. Her boss told her that it was a fancy steak restaurant down town. Of course, not to let her get suspicious of me, I decided to let her go to the fancy dinner.

The next day, I went to talk to Howard and Jay about the dinner. This time I was sure something was going on and they assured me of that. I needed to get to the bottom of it. I was going to spy on the dinner and make sure that nothing was going on. The only difference is that I was going to get my own spy gear. I went to the Army-Navy store to get night vision goggles, better binoculars and black clothing, a camera, and a knife just in case. I then went to a place to rent a vehicle. I decided to get motorcycle to be more maneuverable.

That night, she walked out of the house looking better than ever. She waxed her eyebrows, shaved her legs and arms, and even got a haircut. Her dress was extremely short and revealing. She never dressed like this for me when we went out. Her boss came to pick her up at about 5:30. Their reservations were at 6:30. By the time they got there I was already in position and ready to start scoping. I knew she was cheating on me. It’s just a matter of catching her now.

When they got settled into their seats, I was only able to see fractions of their table because of the crowd . From what I could see, Summer ordered a steak that had copious amounts of pink and red. It looked as if they took the meat and placed it on the griddle for a few seconds then took it off. He got the same order. There were sides of vegetables but when they left, there were no signs that the vegetables have been touched. It looked like the dinner went better than great.

After the dinner, they didn’t look like they were returning home. It was starting to get late. This looked like I was going to get the proof that I needed. I’ve been tailing them for about an hour or so, and it didn’t seem like they were stopping anytime soon. When they were finally coming to a stop, they went through some woods on a dirt trail that led to a cliff with a perfect sight of the full moon. The moon so was so bright it was as though it wasn’t night time anymore. They started to look at each other. It looked like my fears were coming true.

I parked my bike and got closer to try to get a picture of what was happening. I was scuffling through the wooded area as quietly as I could, but I stepped on a stick. With a loud crack, they both turned around and saw me there, but it was too late. There was something different about the two of them. They began to twitch. They both fell over in the car and all of the sudden two dark figures came out of the car. They didn’t even look human anymore. They had long snouts, sharp yellow teeth, long rugged claws, and long brown hair. I can’t fathom it, but it looked that two werewolves jumped out of the car.

Both of them noticed me once again. I knew it wasn’t safe, so I began to run. Running was pointless though. They caught up to me almost instantly. They tackled me to the ground and started to claw and bite at my left arm. It was obvious that these two were werewolves. I remembered the knife that was in my right pocket. I reached for it, flipped it open, and stabbed one of them in the ribs. It dropped like a rock and the other ran off. I later learned that the knife I bought had fragments of silver melted into it, so it was extremely effective against the werewolf. But the wolf I stabbed turned back into a human again, and it turned out to be Summer’s boss.

I dragged myself back to the main road and called for an ambulance. I was losing blood quickly. I blacked out and woke up in a hospital bed. The doctor’s had to amputate my left arm from the mauling, and I was able to return home. I haven’t seen summer in months. Doubt I will again. But now I live with Jay and still wonder where Summer had gone to.

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