Grave Robbing at it's Finest

December 4, 2012
By Chad_Forster BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
Chad_Forster BRONZE, Mcdonough, Georgia
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Sawyer is a thin, rough looking man. He has been low on funds lately because he was fired for not passing a mandatory drug test. Because of this, he has not been able to find a job and has resorted to many low wage jobs and has made desperate attempts to make money. A few hours ago, Sawyer, who has decided to begin grave robbing, found out the truth about what happens when you pass away.

Around 1:15 in the morning, he was searching for a new site to rummage through. He was walking through the woods and stumbled upon an old grave site with only three graves in it. All the graves had the same last name. Sawyer figured they would have valuable items buried with them because they had their own gravesite. He rushed home to get his shovel and returned quickly with great excitement in hopes to find valuables to sell.

Sawyer started to dig up each of the graves. He first dug up the oldest looking grave with the name “Jenny Fickelson” engraved on it. When he finally got to the casket, it was covered in worms and other insects such as centipedes and beetles. It took him a few minutes to clear off the insect, but when he finally did, he felt that it was worth it. Sawyer had found that Jenny was buried with a string of pearls around her neck and wrists. He had also found a four carat diamond ring and a 24 carat gold ring on her left hand. He was so ecstatic about his discovery that he dug up her husband’s grave and he had also been buried with jewelry. Roland, Jenny’s husband, had been buried with a cane that had a two carat red diamond in the handle of the cane. Sawyer knew he had a fortune in his hands, but was too greedy to just go home. So he decided to dig up the final grave which was this child of Jenny and Roland.

This grave had been the newest looking grave out of the three of them. As Sawyer had opened the casket, the child was wearing a suit that had holes torn in the sleeves, pants, and torso. He had no hair left and the skin on his scalp was rotting off. It smelled worse than a trash dump on a hot summer’s day. Sawyer could barely take the smell of it. Sawyer had found a family ring on his finger with a three carat serendibite on it. As Sawyer reach for the ring, the eyes of the dead boy had twitched and opened. They were stained yellow.

The zombie boy quickly grabbed at Sawyer’s hand. Sawyer out of shock had jumped out of the grave taking off the zombie’s hand. The zombie had soon gotten out of the grave and started chasing after him. He ran, huffing and puffing, trying to catch his breath while also getting away from it. He got away from it for a little while. Sawyer ran out from the woods and found a neighborhood, but when he looked back it was still chasing him. He ran screaming into the neighborhood, knocking on every door trying to get someone’s attention for help. No one seemed to wake or come to aid. By the time he got to the last house this creature was right behind him. Sawyer decided to skip the last house out of fear and ran out the back of the neighborhood to an old saw mill that had been running for years.

Sawyer ran into the main warehouse of the saw mill and looked franticly for a light switch. He found the power box in the back of the room, and turned to power on. The zombie had been following Sawyer for some time and entered the warehouse with him.

There was a wood chipper that had been used to make chips out of the spare wood that was not needed in projects. It, along with all the other machines, had been turned on from Sawyer turning the power on. The zombie had chased Sawyer to the second floor of the warehouse. There was a chute that the extra wood had been tossed in that led to the wood chipper. Sawyer had backed up to the chute and there was nowhere else for him to go. As the zombie approached, Sawyer had begun soiling his pants from fear. The zombie lunged at him and he rolled out of the way because of instinct.

The zombie had plummeted down the chute and into the wood chipper. There were many gruesome remains of the shredded zombie in the pile of wood chips. Sawyer ran out of the saw mill, stilled terrified. He ran all the way to the sheriff’s office.

By the time he had gotten to the sheriff’s office, it was almost 5 o’clock in the morning. He had explained his story to the local police, so they went to the old saw mill to see what Sawyer was talking about. When they all got to the saw mill, there were no remains of a zombie and the power to the warehouse was off. The police were angered by the fact that Sawyer had wasted their time. Sawyer swore on his mother’s life that the events he had explained were true and would not stop ranting on about it.

The police had decided to get a court order to get Sawyer tested for insanity. After the results came in, he had tested positive for insanity. Therefore Sawyer was thrown into an insane asylum.

Then Sawyer woke up, and figured out it was all a dream.

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