December 2, 2012
He smiled down at the girl, taking in her every move with his large brown eyes. The way her long brown hair fell a couple inches beneath her shoulders and how her eyes brightened whenever he talked. This was clearly the right girl.

Clearly oblivious to the whole situation the girl just smiles at him, thinking silly thoughts of what their future could be, even though it was only the first date. Of course, the more important things she could be thinking at the moment were pushed in the back of her mind, not important right at that exact second. She was clearly mesmerized by his looks and the way he could twist his words around her. She giggled at every joke, she smiled at every word he said and her eyes kept glistening with hope. Hope is exactly what he needed, he needed this hope. This tiny sliver of hope that this young girl had stuck in her mind, she was hoping this would go somewhere. Maybe a few more dates, then maybe they could become a couple.

Sylvia, he let the name move around his head, she was the one. She was perfect, definitely the right one.

“Mark?” Her voice rang in his ear causing him to cringe.

“Yes?” He said, almost a little too harshly covering it up with a slight cough.

“Did you not hear me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I guess I went away for a while. Can you repeat the question?”

She giggled a high-pitched laugh, making him want to slap her, “It’s really late, want to go back to your place?”

His anger vanished as fast as it came, “Of course.”

He paid the bill, gladly, and led her to his car. On the way back to his place, she talked so much that he wanted to end it just then. He controlled himself and waited until they pulled up into the driveway of his multi-million dollar estate to start the plan.

“Sylvia, isn’t it?” He said to her, hoping to offend her.

She gave a slight frown, “Yes, my name is Sylvia.”

He cringed at her slight attitude change; this is what he wanted, “Just making sure. You look a lot like someone else.”

The hope in her eyes crushed, his hands started to shake, they both got out of the car. She was more hesitant to, but eventually decided on going in.

The wind shook the trees up against the windows and there wasn’t another house for a couple miles. Yet, she still thought this was a good idea. She was oblivious to the peculiar feeling of this situation. A random man, whom her friend had met a couple weeks ago, asked her on a date through her friend. A few days later, they are out on a date. Now they are already at his house and he forgot her name; yet she still wants to go inside. Of course, a lot of people would want to go in a house this enormous and beautiful.

Although it seems as if he didn’t really go into a lot of thinking with this time, but he really did. He spent weeks and weeks contemplating and deciding on what was going to happen, when and where. Finally, the perfect moment had come, everything was set in place.

They walked into the house; she started babbling on about something he really could care less about. The long dark hallway leading into the kitchen was the first one they came across, the not really helpful lamps barely lit up the hallway. He grabbed her hand so she wouldn’t trip, although he didn’t really care if she did or not. They stopped in the kitchen and she lost her breath, the kitchen was magnificent. It seemed as if there were miles and miles of cabinets and sorted dishware; it was neat and clean. The marble countertops were immaculate and not a speck of dust was found on them.

“Do you live here alone?” She asked him, shocked at how clean everything was.

“Yes, I just don’t like things getting messy.”

Suddenly, the phone started ringing, right on time. He excused himself from the room and left her there to go and answer the phone. He picked up the phone and then let it fall right back down. No one was on the other end; he didn’t even have to listen to it to know. He opened a cabinet door and pulled out a remote.

She sat down on one of the chairs next to the mahogany dining table and waited. She started to drum her fingers along the table, getting impatient. What was taking him so long? She suddenly heard a door shut and turned around; another door shut. The only two doors leading into the room were both closed. She quickly got up and tried to open both of the doors, she had no luck, screaming and yelling for help. She started to panic, pacing around the room looking for another escape route. This wasn’t normal; there was no way that those doors closed on accident. She shouldn’t have come in at all, that was stupid on her part.

The lights shut off, leaving her panic in the dark. She couldn’t see much, just what the moon decided to light up. Shaking, she just kept looking for exits. He was listening and waiting for her to do what he knew she was going to. She grabbed a pot and threw it out the glass window, pieces of glass flew everywhere. She carefully climbed out of the window, making sure to not hit any of the glass on the way out. Somehow, she managed to get out without any cuts.

When she got out, she felt a buzz in her pocket. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a phone, it wasn’t her phone; she didn’t know where her phone was. The number was unknown, she hesitated on answering it.

“Hello?” She whispered.

No one answered; there was just breathing on the other line. She hung up and started to dial 911; the phone went straight to the dial tone and then rang once and hung up. The phone’s screen turned black signaling the end of its life; she threw it on the ground and started towards the fence.
She was just about to start climbing when she felt breath against her neck, or it could have been wind. But she didn’t know which, she turned around to look and no one was there. It must have been just the wind. She started to climb and eventually made it over the fence; she dropped herself over the other side and fell hard onto the grass.
She got up and was beginning to go towards the highway when she saw a car light up in the distance. The engine revved and she saw the car start to come towards her. She jumped onto the fence and started back over it. She barely made it to the top, when she realized the car wasn’t behind her anymore, it had stopped. Not taking any chances, she stayed behind the fence.
She looked around the huge backyard and couldn’t find another escape route, there was nothing. The fence in the back was too large and too slick to climb and she wasn’t even sure where that led. There was a shed, but she doubted that it would even be unlocked. She started towards it, walking faster and kind of limping, she hurt her foot falling off the fence.
The front of the shed looked normal, nothing was unusual about it. She put her hand on the doorknob and turned, surprised that it was unlocked. When she opened the door, she was greeted with the pungent smell of the dead, or at least that was what she was assuming. It smelled terrible; she walked across the shed looking for some kind of light, stepping on the things that smelled so bad. Eventually, she found the light switch and when she turned it on she almost fainted.
The bottom of the floor was covered with girls, dead girls, each one with brown hair. Each one had a rose on top of them, just one plain red rose. She started to run, stepping on the girls on the way out. As soon as she got out, she heard the voice of the police; she saw them across the fence.
She ran full speed towards the fence and towards the officer who looked unusually not worried at all. She tripped and fell onto the ground, her knee throbbing.
The officer yelled, “Vanessa, are you okay?”
She got up and nodded, confused, Vanessa? She felt a sharp pain in her shoulder and fell over. The pain was hard to bear; she reached and pulled out a single needle covered in something. She felt herself slipping away from reality.
He waited until she was out and explained to the police what had happened, “She has a sleep walking problem and tends to call the police when she’s outside. She thinks she’s not in reality. You know that, we’ve had other issues like this before, where she just passes out after calling the cops.”
The police officer laughed a hearty laugh, feeling bad for the guy and his sister, oblivious to everything, “I know, Vanessa really needs some pills or something Mark.”
“Well anyways, thank you for not charging me. Eventually, my sister will stop. Clearly she’s already worn out.” Mark pointed at her sleeping on the ground.
The officer laughed again and started to pull out of the driveway. When the police were out of sight, Mark picked up Sylvia’s lifeless body and placed it carefully on the ground of the shed. He went to the garden next to his window and clipped a rose; he walked it back to the shed and placed it on top of her.

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