The Prayer

December 2, 2012
The knife bites the soft spot on my wrist. I close my eyes, inhaling deeply as I drag the til of the blade down the inside of my arm until I feel warmth trickle down onto my fingers. Opening my eyes I watch as the crimson drips down onto the white carpet under my feet. One more thing I'll have done to disappoint them. I can only hope I won't be around to listen to the consequences of it. The blade chases your sweet words out of my head. I breath in sharply as the physical pain slowly beings to match the emotional pain I've felt for so long. Your eyes were the only thing that could penetrate my numbness. A half smile spreads across my face. The more blood I lose the faster the memories of us fade away into the black. Bringing the tip of the knife to my chest I close my eyes as your beautiful face dances behind my eyelids and the lingering taste of you on my lips disappears. Bowing my head I silently pray that you lead a happy, full life and that you find the one and never let her go as you did me. A single tear falls down my face and with a single stab the fairytales ending will be sealed. Who said they all end happy?

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