The Whinston Creatures

December 2, 2012
By , vereeniging, South Africa
The Winston Academy for Young Boys is an ordinary boarding school which experienced a dreadful event not so long ago. Maybe thirty years ago but who could say. This event was witnessed by one boy and this unlikely story is what happened.
One night John, Luke and Kenny stayed up long past light out. They heard the gate, which was always locked at night slamming. Ignoring it, John and Luke went to bed leaving Kenny, who suffered from insomnia, lying awake listening to the gate. Suddenly he heard the sound of someone at the front door of the dorm building. Panicked he pulled his blanket over his head trying to relax. He fell asleep around two o’clock in the morning.
The next night the same thing happened with the gate but instead of the front door, whatever wanted to get inside, went to the back door. Kenny heard the door opening and closing. Everything was quiet until he heard footsteps coming down the hall. They were too light to be Mr Enright’s, the teacher who was responsible for the boys at night. Whoever was in the hall stopped at their door and turned the door knob. Kenny, luckily still in his panic from the previous night had locked the door after the other two boys had gone to bed. After what seemed like an hour to Kenny, but was only five minutes, the sounds just stopped and silence prevailed.
On the third night, while both John and Luke were awake, there was no slamming gate and Kenny relaxed. But suddenly a sound like talons clanking against tiles sounded through the small room. The sound, the boys realized was coming from the roof. Scratching and ripping sounds started and became louder and louder. Until, a hole appeared in the roof. John dove under the covers and Luke his under his bed. Kenny however chose to hide in the segmented cupboard, just as three hunched, cloaked figures dropped from the ceiling.
The first grabbed John, still tangled in his blanket, and flew out of the hole in the roof. The second found Luke and dragged him just like John out through the hole. The third looked around, looking for Kenny. It swept through the room, stopping in front of the cupboard. Kenny could see inside the creature’s hood. The creature had glowing red eyes and a long black snout. It opened the left door and found nothing. Heart pounding Kenny waited for the creature to find him. He waited and waited for the inevitable. But as fast as it arrived it left. Leaving Kenny, shivering and frightened in the small cupboard.
The next morning Mr Enright found Kenny in the cupboard staring at nothing. A week later Luke was found in the schools parking lot, skinned from the waist up. Barely alive. He died soon after being found and the search for John was ended. Nobody believed Kenny’s story and the creatures that skinned their victims were never found and were written off as the ramblings of a child in shock. John is still missing and Kenny has never been the same since. He was declared mentally insane two years after the event and is locked away in an institution rambling about the creatures who stole his roommates.

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