Perpetual Beings

November 24, 2012
It's 11 P.M on a Sunday night when I stir violently from my sleep, my screams sending a unwanted crowd into my doorway. My mom sits at my side, stroking my brunette locks. She whispers comforting words to me, as sweat trickles down my pale complexion. I hyperventilate, as hot tears begin to stream down my face, My oceanic orbs overwhelmed by my dilated pupils. I was once your typical teenage girl. Life came as a breeze. No worries, free to do whatever my unadulterated heart desired. Jared Coleman came into my life, unexpectedly, and made a disaster among my precious, sane life. Now? Now I have much more to worry about than wearing designer clothing. I have to cope with an endless stream of nightmares, which has became a routine for me. As if that isn't enough, I must be the one to hunt down innocent beings to survive. No one deserves to die, and now It is me who is taking their lives. I never wanted this. But this is now my life. I'm Rylee Blackwell and I am a monster. Better known as a Vampire to many.
Jared Coleman. The reason my sanity has become extinct. I fell for him, and he betrayed me. Turned me into a repulsive, calamitous beast. Jared loves to mock me and refer to me as a blood-sucking, Ethereal deity just because he knows I despise my immortal ways.He knows it's so tough on me, and makes a joke of it. He is just an everlasting pig. He has his ways of charming his way into your heart, enwrapping your soul in a sense of comfort. Then, he squeezes every bit of sanity out of you.As my thoughts rush through my mind, I shut my eyes and take in the sweet scent of my mothers perfume. The one dad gave her a few months ago before he passed when his car drove off the side of a bridge. He was a reckless drunk, so It was bound to happen sooner or later. As harsh as it sounds, I didn't take it as hard as mom. She will dread his loss until she dies. Or, ofcourse, until someone sweeps her off her feet.

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