The Silver Chevy Truck

November 15, 2012
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Silver Chevy Truck

The rain poured hard as the guys drove down the empty street at 11 that night. Chris had lost track of time during their high school party and was now rushing to get home. After a few minutes he realized his gas tank would be empty in a few miles. Chris was trying to think what to do but his head was clouded from the conversations taking place behind him. “Shut up guys I can’t think straight!” Chris bellowed.
“Why do you have to be such a hard ass Chris?” Austin said.
Sam sat in the back wondering when they would be home while Danny continued to yell and make noises in the back trying to piss off Chris.
Why do I even bring you guys, Chris contemplated. He got to a fork in the road with trees running down the center and one sign that stood about 8 feet tall. The wooden sign, whose red paint had chipped away, was so rotted so that he was unable to make out the markings. He chose to go to the left not really sure where he was heading in the darkness.
The lights of the car caused the trees to cast odds shadows and made Sam wonder why they had never taken this road before.
As Chris went on, the engine of the car began to sputter. "Don't give out on me now!" he cried desperately.
Oh no were going to die thought Sam as the engine continued to make sputtering noises. But after passing a few more trees, the car slowly came to a stop.
Everything went quiet, each person wondering what to do now. All they could hear were the deep breaths coming from each other’s lungs as they slowly realized where they had stopped; right in front of the local graveyard. The silver Chevy truck sat on the side of the road, smoke billowing out from under the hood. The truck was rusted on the bottom of the doors and had a dent in the side of the bed. Mud was caked onto the sides from driving down dirt roads all the time. It reminded you of a truck you would see on a farm used to move bails of hay. The moon light snuck in between the tree branches above them which lined the graveyard. The grave yard was about 2 acres lined with wooden fencing about 3 feet tall. The forest backed the graveyard on all sides except next to the road and had trees in between the head stones. The gray head stones were old and weathered to the point where you could hardly make out the engravings on them. Everyone got out of the truck looking around at where they were. Their breaths glistened under the moon light until they blew away.
“Guys were stuck in the middle of no where, what are we going to do!?” Sam cried.
“Don’t worry nothing’s going to happen. I have my knife on me and I know exactly where we’re at,” Austin said. This isn’t my first time out here on my own, I know what I’m doing he thought. Austin had spent his childhood exploring the woods and hunting animals whenever he had free time.
Something was lurking in the woods behind the graveyard watching the boys as they crept through the graveyard inspecting all of the tombstones in boredom. Chris was busy standing on top of the truck trying to get a cell signal to call for help, the others cautiously wandered about.
“Hurry up Chris I want to get out of here soon this place creeps me out” said Sam.
“I’m working on it, just calm yourself down we will be fine” Chris responded.
Austin heard a rustle in the woods next to him and pulled the 4 inch blade from his pocket in self defense. His eyes locked onto the pure darkness of the woods like a heat seeker. What’s in there? I know I heard something and it sounded a lot bigger than a squirrel. When Austin finally let his guard down he turned around and Chris was nowhere to be found.
“Chris, where did you go?” “Did anyone else see where Chris went?”
Everyone shrugged their shoulders not having heard a sound from Chris.
Frantically Sam and Danny began running back to the truck, looking all around for Chris but couldn’t find him. Sam hopped into the truck cab out of fear for what had happened to his friend.
“Chris! Chris! Where did you go?” yelled Austin as he jogged out to the road, searching all over for where Chris might have taken off too. Chris’ short skinny body was nowhere to be found. Sam sat in the truck, his breath fogging up the windows around him so he could barely see outside. Danny was making noises from the other side of the graveyard screaming for help, but before Austin could run over to get him Danny had disappeared.
“Danny where did you go?!” Austin ran back over to the truck and knocked on the glass, “Sam I’m going to go out and find Danny and Chris just stay here and lock the doors.”
“No Austin don’t leave me,” Sam cried but it was too late Austin was out into the woods and out of Sam’s sight. Sam sat in the cab shaking with fear and anxiety. He used his sleeve to rub away some of the fog on the glass, trying to look out into the darkness of the night all around him. It gave him an eerie feeling like he was seeing the scary movies on late at night that he used to watch on channel 2. I hope Austin hurries back I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Sam looked around the truck for anything he might be able to use in self defense, should he need it. From the corner of his eye he spotted an axe in the bed of the truck. It’s too risky he thought as another rustle came from the edge of the tree line. A tall figure, much taller than anyone he had ever seen, walked out from the trees, into the graveyard, and towards the truck. The figure stood tall with tattered orange plaid pants. He wore a red and blue shirt like a farmer would wear and a large straw hat resembling a sombrero. His face had a long pointed nose that stuck out from under the hat. His face was hard to make out; being covered with a shadow from his hat. The figure stood in black dress shoes with pointed tips that curled slightly at the end. The figure had no shadow, almost like he was not real. But he stood like any other man and looked more real than anyone else, setting aside the strange features he bared. His long legs were making huge gaps as he walked closer to Sam. The little hairs on Sam’s arms stood up in fear as the figure crept closer and closer. His breathing quickened and his heart pounded faster with each step closer the figure took. Sam desperately grabbed the keys from the cup holder attempting to start the truck but it was no use, the engine struggled to turn over and the figure came nearer without making any noise. Sam jumped out the opposite side of the truck heading for the axe.
“Austin! Chris! Danny! Anyone! Help!!” Sam picked up the axe and started running down the road away from whatever was behind him. The figure moved faster, following him effortlessly running down the street. The figure was much faster than Sam but that didn’t stop him from running for his life. The figure closed the gap in between them. Sam snapped his head around. The figure was 5 feet away at least. Before Sam could turn his head back around he felt the cold hand grab his ankle. Sam fell on his face landing in the dirt.
“Please let me go! Please! Someone help me!!”
It was no use the figure dragged Sam through the dirt and weeds on the side of the road, back into the woods. Sam pleaded and pleaded but no one could hear him. The figure took him through the forest and they both disappeared. All that remained of the four boys was the silver Chevy truck sitting on the side of the road.

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