Sweet tooth

November 13, 2012
Sweet Tooth

Corvo was standing in the middle of the street. While looking at the moon, he was listening to the screams emitting from the house he had just been inside. People had made up the nickname “sweet tooth” for him, because he always pulled one tooth from his victim’s mouth as trophy. Each time the tooth would be different, until he went through all thirty two teeth, meaning he would kill thirty two people. Then he would move to a different town, repeating the process over and over again to the not so lucky victims.

Corvo hadn’t always embraced the new “gadgets of tomorrow” deal. He used to dream about a simpler time where he didn’t have all of these complicated things going around him, but then again they did help him with his…… habit. The gadgets of tomorrow were little things that would help you around the house and do your chores for you; they weren’t robots, more like garage tools on steroids.

Corvo thought of himself as inventive, and a vision of what was to come for all other people, with his delightful habit. He modified the tools for something a little more…. helpful for his particular needs.

Corvo had set standards for himself and his victims. Before he would appease his addiction, Corvo went through a process. First he would go get his teeth cleaned because he thought that if he was going to steal one of their teeth then he wanted them to see nice teeth before they died. Next Corvo would sit and admire his over 300 trophies in his “tooth cabinet”. Finally he would find his target, this would take him a couple of weeks to complete because he had to find the person with the best teeth and they couldn’t be dentists. Corvo’s parents died by the hand of a murderer, he was about five, he was told that his birth parents had been dentists and Corvo wanted to remember them alive not as dead bodies all the time.

Her name was Bethany and Corvo thought there was something very different about her. She had long brown hair, very blue eyes, a beautiful face, and of course, pearly white teeth. He went on stalking her as he usually did, waiting to find the best opportunity in Bethany’s normally busy schedule. He would follow her to work every day which was at a very busy bank, to classes at college, even to her yoga classes. She would always look back as if she saw him, but Corvo knew that was impossible because he had his invisible button on his clothes that he himself also designed.

Corvo found that Bethany had a boyfriend. He was a punk rock, tattooed up guy who hit her a few times over the week. Corvo envied her somehow, thinking that he will probably kill the boyfriend while he was at it. He hated killing people with bad teeth, but the way he treated this nice girl, Corvo had thought was unacceptable.

Bethany went to her run- down apartment every night went on her hologram computer and cried. She was looking at pictures of older people whom Corvo recognized as teeth number 243 and 244. He had thought they must have been her parents.

As he sat on the edge of Bethany’s apartment balcony Corvo thought about how he never felt guilty, never felt remorse for his victims, until now. Watching this meaningless young adult mourn for her parents wasn’t anything Corvo had experienced before. Sweet tooth gone soft? No that can’t happen, this girl was no exception.

Corvo moved in with a device and opened the door like a pro. Bethany was gone! She must’ve moved while he was opening the door! Had she seen him? Corvo moved through the apartment and into the kitchen. Bethany ran through the hallway and into the bedroom Corvo followed with his knife. She was standing behind the closet pointing a gun at him “freeze! FBI!” she screamed. Corvo switched on his invisibility and bang! He saw a flash of light and saw no more.

Corvo woke up in a small room with one table and two chairs on either side. All of a sudden Bethany walked in and he tried to move toward her but he couldn’t. Looking down he saw that he had been shot in the shoulder. “Remember me?” asked Bethany “we have been following you for months now waiting for you to strike on one of our agents, but you never did. It was always everyday people that you seemed to have thought to be special.”
“All of those times I was following you…. You must have seen me somehow” said Corvo talking for the first time in months.
“Oh yea I forgot!” she said excitedly, reaching for her eyes she pulled out a pair of blue tinted contacts. “Standard addition, contacts that can see anything anywhere.” she bragged.

Corvo realized that the ceiling had all 300 pictures of his victims on it and he felt remorse once again. “You have very nice teeth” she said as she moved toward him. “I’m not FBI… I’m just like you and the predator became the prey.” As she plunged a knife into his chest, Corvo closed his eyes and all he saw were her teeth smiling at him.

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