The Case

November 13, 2012
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The Case

Jenny was just another case to me. She was the suspect in a hit and run incident that left Mr. Jenkins ,a 65 year old man, in the hospital. I had no idea if it was an accident or not. She and Mr. Jenkins lived in the same neighborhood but I wasn't sure if they knew each other. I needed to get to her property and search for any clues, so I went to the chief and tried to get a warrant, but he argued that it was just an accident. This went on for about two weeks. I had a feeling that this case wasn't going anywhere.
After several weeks of arguing with the chief, I was finally able to get a warrant to search her property. As I was driving to Jenny’s house I read her profile. Jenny was a 23 year old Caucasian woman. She was about 5’4, blonde and somewhat skinny.She was an A student with a 4.0 her whole high school career. She went Harvard and graduated two years ago with honors. She hadn't found a job yet though. I kept asking myself why she hadn’t found a job. She had the smarts to get a an amazing job, but she hadn’t taken the initiative. Maybe she had fallen in love and wasn’t worried about getting a job now.
It was about nine at night when I arrived in the neighborhood and everybody was either asleep or at the movies.Now, there are two types of people in this town: lazy couch potatoes who play videogames and don’t go anywhere, and the active people, who go out on Friday and Saturday nights with their friends. When I was growing up, I would go out with friends but I also had my days where I would stay in and play video games, like Atari.
Jenny wasn’t home when I arrived at her house. None of her lights were on and her red Ford Focus wasn’t there. I went to the garbage can by the road. It was open and about 75% full. “Maybe I’ll find something in there” I said to myself. I started going through her trash and found some of the normal things you would find in a woman's trash. She ate a lot of KFC and Burger King but there was also a an empty box of laxatives in there. I found that a bit strange. I asked myself “why would she have that?” I kept going through her trash and found a diary. I skimmed the beginning pages and then found a very disturbing sentence. The diary said “I hate that old Mr. Jenkins. If I ever saw him when I was driving, I would go out of my way to hit him.” The sentence was barely legible because the words had been distilled as if she was crying.I put my hand over my mouth and shook my head. She had it out for this guy. I went back to my car and put the journal in the passenger seat.
I went back to the trash and kept searching. I found pictures of her and this young man. They seemed happy and in love. Then a letter from his mother addressed to her said that he had been killed a car accident. His blood tested positive for alcohol. He hit a semi truck driven by Mr. Jenkins. Bingo. I now knew that she had motive to hit Mr. Jenkins.
I drove back to the station and whenever I got the chance I read the diary. It was about eleven o’clock at night when I got back to the station. Everybody was either at home or on patrol. I walked over to my desk with the diary, pictures, and letter in my hand. As I went to sit down I heard something crawling around in the ceiling. I jumped on top of my desk, pushed the tile ceiling up and away and looked in. I then saw the culprits, rats. I though this is absolutely disgusting, we had a rat infestation. I climbed back down put the tile back into its place and sat at my desk looking at evidence.I was able to get a name for the young man that had been killed. Joe, Joe Hernandez was his name. “ Wait Bill worked this case, I’ll ask him tomorrow” I said to myself. After about 3 hours of research I went home and called it a night.
The next morning I went to find Bill. I have worked with Bill for about 15 years now and we are best friends. “ Bill, buddy I need your help”. “ With what.” “ This case I’m working, It involves a man from one of your older cases.” “ Is locked up” “ Na, he is dead. ‘ Its Joe hernandez’.” “ Oh that guy, what do you need.” “ I need all of his records, family friends, financial, anything you have I need.” “ Ok, well I kinda lost that stuff.” “ YOU WHAT!!!!!!!” “ Oh wait here it is and here you go.” When Bill messes with me like that it throws me off. I totally forgot what I had asked for but remembered when he handed me the papers.
The following week I went back to Jenny’s house. This time she was there, sitting on her front porch talking to her mom. “ Ma’am, I'm Detective Holbert with the Atwood police department.” “ Well nice to meet ya detective, I'm Jenny and this is my mom Becky, How can I help you”? “ I would like to ask you some questions about Mr. Jenkins”. “ Oh that old guy, I heard he was hit by a car, is that true”? “ Yes ma’am. Tires tracks and witness statements lead to your vehicle”. “ Well I didn't hit him, I don’t like him cause he was part of my fiancee’s death, but I didn't hit him. Mom could you leave us alone for a minute.” “ Sure, hun I’ll go make some sweet tea”. “ OK mom, thank you”. Jenny’s mom walked away and Jenny told me to come close. “ Look I need to know when he got it, what day was it”. “ Last Wednesday around 3:00 pm”. “ OK, well my mom was driving my car all day Wednesday and when I drove it Thursday it was pulling right extremely bad. I think she might of done it because she also loved Joe”. I was shocked. That new development changed everything.
I asked Jenny if I could go into her house to talk to her mom and she said that was fine. I went in and called for Becky but there was no answer. I searched the whole house and as I got to the kitchen I heard Jenny scream. I sprinted to the front door to see Becky shoving jenny in the back seat of the Focus. I pulled my pistol out and screamed “ Stop right there ma’am, you are under arrest for attempted kidnapping and hit n’ run.” “ You just try and stop me, I loved Joe and he loved me. He was only marrying Jenny to be close to me.” “ You are married though, don’t you love your husband?” “ No, not any more. He is a horrible husband. Joe treated me right, and loved me for me. Then that Mr. Jenkins ruined everything.” It all made sense now. They diary wasn't Jenny’s, it was her moms. Those pictures were fake of Jenny and Joe. She thought they were in love but Joe didn't love Jenny, he loved her mom and her mom loved him.
I started walking slowly towards them, keeping my aim on Becky. I thought I had her, but she put her hands on Jenny’s arms threw her at me and took off in the focus. I dropped my pistol to catch Jenny then lost my balance. I started to fall but caught myself on the bird bath. By the time I got up and made sure Jenny was ok her mom was gone. I took Jenny back to the station so she could help me find her mom. We found her car about fifty miles from her house, but her mom wasn't around. We decided to make Becky a wanted felon and reward for her capture $5,000. To this day she hasn't been found.

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