Just a short story

November 12, 2012
She looks down, deep black eye lashes bat her tinted cheeks lightly. In this blink of an eye I can tell I already knew her. Her deep wavy brown hair flitted about her face, like wisps of an aurora or spirit. Water. There is tons of water everywhere, surrounding her every pore. For miles around the water encases her. She fears only one thing and that is the breaching of the lakes surface, the air scares her. Lightly she beings to sink as if being pulled down to the bottom of the murky water. Open. Her eyes open, a deep onyx blue, tinted green by the lake water. She tilts her head upward, and begins to move her arms in swimming motions, raising herself up closer to the surface. Her past surrounds her, gently flits by around her body. Flashes of bright memories, sitting one wooden bench in a cherry red flower romper, big blue eyes of a six year old child, spilling over with happiness, she munches on a too large piece of water melon, getting the juice over her face. She runs, and runs, perhaps away from something that only she can see. A long squeal of car tires pierces her ears. One last ghostly laugh fades into the past. It melts away from here and now. She is not frustrated with where she is, she is content, relaxed, drifting neither forward nor backward about her past. Drearily she sees familiar faces, smile lines, yellow glasses of a man, family. They are gone now. She is alone and always will be, time is gone and she is what never was and never shall be.

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