Mingling with Dark

November 12, 2012

He watched solemnly as a worm struggled to the earth’s slimy surface. Large water droplets pounded the ground around it. Craig showed little emotion as he continued to stare at the half-drowning creature; he did not even blink. He was crouched low behind a bush next to the empty highway street.

The rain soon began to subside, and the thick long animal at last made it out of the thick mud. It slugged its way over to the nearest rock and stretched its body out as if relieved. Craig pulled the knife from his back pocket. He slid its cover off and studied the blade with a dreadful interest, then turned his attention back to the exhausted worm nearby. Ever so carefully, he lowered the sharp tool to the rock and sliced through the worm's soft body; it wriggled briefly, then went still. A small smirk of satisfaction slid across Craig’s once expressionless face.

He shifted with alert as the sound of a car engine appeared in the heavy dark of night. He stood and stared down the road intently. His eyes flashed with an inhuman greed as he clutched his knife firmly with his fingers. It was time...

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