Renegade: Prologue

November 11, 2012
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Long, long ago the Almighty Father created another world, much like our earth, as an object of his special adoration. He created powerful beings, made in his image, to be the objects of his love and care. For thousands of years this civilization had a special relationship with the Father. They spent every waking hour growing in their love of him and of each other. This world was perfect in every way. Then one man, the ruler of this world, decided he wanted to be like the Father. Tired of being simply another creation, he wished to be omnipotent and omniscient... equal with the Father. Using his position of leadership he turned this world against the Father. He began to plot of ways to kill the Father, to take his power, to become a god... and this world followed him. The Father, saddened by their betrayal, offered one final opportunity for the beings who had followed their ruler to turn from their ways and follow Him once again. Many turned back to Father but too many still followed their power-hungry leader. So the Father cast them out, to the corners of the universe. Those who remained behind to follow the Father's ways began to notice changes to this world, their home. No longer could they walk and talk with the Father face-to-face. No longer could they witness His acts of power and mercy. From now on, the Father communicated with them only through dreams and visions. Now, because all had followed the dark leader in the beginning of the rebellion, the Father issued one final punishment before leaving the world: for every new world which he created, one being from their world must leave home to go watch and guard the new planet. For out there, somewhere, the dark ruler and his fallen beings still waited and plotted their revenge on the Father and the world they had once called home.

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