A Prologue

November 11, 2012
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The night was dark with no moon to overlook it. The children and their father were asleep, with all lights off. The wind did not stir, nor did the usual owl hoot. None of the squirrels scurried up and down the trees, and even the cricket's usual cacophony was unheard of. It almost seemed as if they were waiting for something to happen in the pitch black night... They were right.

There were two of them. A short stocky one and a tallish lean one- the usual pair of burglars you get to spot in the movies. They had made sure to take just enough precautions to remain incognito, lest anyone recognized them. With black monkey caps, coats and gloves, it would have been hard to spot even their outlines in the darkness. As they got in through the living room window the shorter of the two whispered. 'We've got to make this seem as professional as possible, so don't you dare screw up, Jack.' 'Just chill, Bob...you don't think I've done this before?' came an indifferent voice, apparently belonging to the other thief. 'We first sweep the ground floor...you grab anything you can find. I'll make sure they're all asleep. Meet me upstairs near the master bedroom. Go!' said Bob. He seemed to be type who usually lead people. Jack gave a curt nod and made his way towards the kitchen. 'And don't even think of eating out of the fridge!' Jack gave a grumble that he made sure wasn't too obscure. He really liked the idea of having a good snack before performing such lowly jobs as this one...the food seemed to pep him up. He had no say in this one, however.

Jack soon met up with Bob upstairs with a half-full sack. He seemed to be really proud with his booty. 'Not bad.' said Bob, eyeing the sack. But the real deal is supposed to be in here.' They pushed open the bedroom door, tiptoed in and began working their way through every nook and corner, stashing all the valuables they could find into a sack. They gave no regard to the man sleeping, but it almost seemed as if they were actually waiting for him to get up. And with all the racket, he did wake up soon...and with quite a start too. 'What the...' Fred mumbled, eyes still half closed. 'Who the hell are you?!' Bob looked at his friend and gave him a nod. 'Get your small arms ready, I'll hold him down.' Fred tried his best to get up and sound the alarm, but obviously it was too late. Two rough hands held him down with such blinding speed that he couldn't even make out their movement as they tied his arms to the bed post. 'Now don't you dare scream or I'll rip your throat apart. Tell me, are your kids at home?' The burglar now brandished a slim silver knife, which he laid against the victim's throat. Fred could barely talk but he managed to give a nod. Just then, Bob whispered with a jump. 'Hey Jack! Take a look at that!' A dim light began to emanate from Fred's cell phone on his bed stand. The burglar picked it up and held it against his ear, but didn't utter a single word. It was a woman's voice that he heard from the other side. 'I just saw a couple of shady people hover around your house Fred, is everything okay? Lock up the doors and move the children to the basement as soon as you can. I've called the cops already...they must be on their way. Stay safe.' it said, and the line got cut off. 'Oh no, cops...what about them kids?' Fred began to scream at the top of his voice at the mention of his children. He kicks Jack in the groin while still lying down. The burglars, however maintain their cool. 'Do what what you've been told to do. Rest later.' grumbled Jack. He seemed to be stifling his pain as he snatched his partner's revolver and pointed it at a struggling Fred's head...

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