Haunting Halloween

November 10, 2012
By torigirl0609 PLATINUM, Palm Coast, Florida
torigirl0609 PLATINUM, Palm Coast, Florida
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Families are supposed to have fun on campgrounds lighting the barbecue, making a campfire, and making s'mores? That’s how it should be but things happen, and situations can go from good to bad very fast. Every Halloween the Samson family goes to the "Lake Away Camp Ground" in Massachusetts. Now the Samson family goes camping every year on Halloween, but the is the first time they’ve gone to Lake Away. The Samson’s have been telling stories; like they do every year. This year Mr. Samson told the story "Demon Woods" the story told how every year one family goes missing and the only thing left behind is there belonging and a pentagon engraved in the damp black ground. This scared Mrs. Samson their son David, and David’s friend James who came along for the trip. That night they heard screaming, and squealing, voices pleading for help, over and over yelling “help me,” Or “save us.” David saw something move outside his tent, although he was terrified of what it might be curiosity got the best of him and he woke up James wanting to see what the mysterious figure was. The peeked outside their tent and took a couple of steps then froze suddenly. There it was standing right in front of them, looking at them. They seemed hypnotized by it, starring into the black holes it had for eyes. David and James both knew what it was, and now he knows where his family is. The story his father made up was not fiction and it was becoming reality. One family gets captured each year, and now it was there turn.

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milkandhoney said...
on Nov. 13 2012 at 7:57 pm
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OMG! Wheres the rest?! Now you got me hooked on the story write more!


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