My Prize

November 7, 2012
By LyricLove SILVER, Webster City, Iowa
LyricLove SILVER, Webster City, Iowa
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My Prize

I sit and stare, numb, at the actions of the new worker, Helen. A woman who will take over my job of restraining the enraged strangers that passed through the doors of this old ragged insane asylum.
Helen avoids eye contact with me as she slowly, with clammy hands, slides the wrist restraints past my bloody knuckles. Once snug, she goes to retrieve the black leather jacket that I know will strangle me for the rest of my life. Cautiously she approaches me encircling me with her fear. I smile at the sight of knowing the control I have. The jacket cascades to the floor as she pales with the few passing moments. Helen scatters from the room without giving the jacket a second thought. Closing the thick door behind her, she takes one more glance at me. Knowing this is my time to shine, I give her my biggest grin. After all, since they are gone, I am in the best mood I have ever been in…

“ Hey Kristi! Do you want go for some coffee?”
It’s nine o clock and as black as a bat out. I have to squint to see who is hollering. I vaguely spot Angie jogging after me. In the parking garage, I can hear the steady thud of her heals as we trample towards our cars.
“ I’m up for a cocktail after today! This has been the worst Friday in a long time! How about we go to Joe’s instead?” I almost plead.
“ That sounds good to me! Ill ride with you?” questioned Angie.
“Yep. Hop in!” I say as we climb into my vicious red mustang.

Angie has been not only my coworker but, my best friend for the last five years. The two of us being the same age, twenty-eight, made it easy to get along when she first started at the state insane asylum. We were twenty-three at the time. I had been there for a year already and knew the ropes of everything. So, when she came along, I became her mentor. Together we worked to tame the deranged psychopaths that were dragged into that life trap. Let me tell you something. When you are trying to control someone who is capable of murder, and you may need to place your life into someone else’s hands, you and that someone else become close.

Two years ago when I married my high school sweet heart, Jeremy, Angie was my maid of honor! Shoot that reminds me that I need to call Jeremy and let him know I will be home late.

I listen to the ringing for a few seconds, then hear the soothing sound of my husbands voice on the other line.

“Ya babe?” he answered.

“Hey! I won’t be home till late tonight. Angie and I are going to the bar to relieve some stress from the day.” I announced.

“Oh that’s fine! I have to work the night shift at the hospital anyways. You know how Friday nights can be.” I could feel his smile over the line.

“Oh yes I do!” I exclaim.

“Alright, now you two have fun and be safe. I don’t want to end out having you as a patient before the night ends. Tell Angie hi for me. I got to run. Love you!”

“I”, that was all I could get out before I heard the soft chime of the dial tone.
I layed my phone down and got a better focus on the road.

“Did you get the okay?” Angie asked eagerly.

“Sure did! He won’t be home tonight anyways. Duty calls!” I giggled while Angie gave me a half-hearted smile.

“What’s wrong?” I interrogated.

I got an instant “Oh, what? Sorry… Uh… I’ve just been thinking about all of the people we had to deal with today and it makes me shudder. Listening to them talk about traumatizing events leading them to their erratic ways. Let’s get to Joe’s and get rid of those nightmares!” she stammered.

Not paying much mind to her reaction I pulled into the parking lot of Joe’s Downtown Bar. I mean I really couldn’t blame her. After all, we do risk our lives everyday to get rid cruel malicious people.

Three hours and six tequilas later, wait… or was it eight?, As soon as I finished one, Angie would have them bring me another one. She said it would help to clear my mind. So, they just kept bringing me more and more under the orders of Angie. I half walk-half stumble out of the bar with Angie holding onto my arm to support me. She lays me down in the backseat of my car and giddily hops into the drivers seat. Thank goodness she only had one or else we would have probably walked around town drunk off our butts and woke up in an alley with rats crawling around in our hair.

I don’t remember the ride home but I remember seeing my once white toilet before I ridded myself of my salad that I had for lunch.

Angie carefully laid me into my bed and placed a cool washcloth on my head. I shuddered as I felt the goose bumps surf their way across my body. She mumbled something then turned off the light and was gone. I rolled over to see what time was on my alarm clock. My eyes widened as I read 1:39am. I slowly felt myself slip off into a calm sleep.

I awoke suddenly to the sound of a creaking noise. Looking over I saw that it was only 2:23am. I hadn’t even been asleep for a whole hour but I felt as though I was asleep for days. Getting up from my bed I took baby steps down my winding staircase to my kitchen. Not only I remembered the loss of lunch but; so did my stomach. The growling continued until I munched on a chocolate chip granola bar. I couldn’t even really taste it because I still had the lingering taste of… ugh I don’t even want to think about it.

I had suddenly become cold and lonely in our big vintage house. Even though it was 2:30, I knew that Angie was still awake. I called her in hopes of her comforting me and maybe even to come over and just talk for a little bit. I just didn’t like being home without Jeremy. Angie knows that. We have spent several nights on the phone just talking so I don’t feel alone. I waited and waited but only got the unpleasing sound of her voicemail. She is always awake at this time! I just know it! She never has not answered a call from me before. I wait a few more minutes and try again just to receive the growing anxiety as I got the same answer.

Maybe curiosity was just getting the best of me but, then again maybe not.
I sprint to my purse, grab my keys and bolt out to my car. The road is a black haze as I creep my way towards Angie’s house. As I met her road I noticed a sleek silver car settled in her drive way. The first thing that popped into my mind was who in the world would be at her house at this time of night? As I approached her driveway, my heart sank like a rock dropping to the bottom of a lake. That car was wayyy to familiar. In fact, I see it everyday of my life. It’s Jeremy’s. Did Angie get hurt? Oh no!

I dash out of my car and fly up to her back door, which is always unlocked. I’m surprised to see that all of the lights are off. Something isn’t right. I get an uneasy feeling as I maneuver through her first level and meet the base of her stairs. I climb the stairs at a very cautious pace. Once I reach the top, I instantly become mesmerized by the faint light that was coming from Angie’s room at the end of the hallway. An urge overcomes me and I am suddenly running full speed towards Angie’s room and plow through her door.

What I find cuts me sooo extremely deep. I stand stunned and glare at my husband and best friend as they scramble to cover themselves with blankets.

“Kristi it’s not what it looks like!” Angie stammers.

“Babe….” Jeremy stutters.

In my trance I turn and leave the room without a word. The pain overcomes me. Anger fills my veins and I realize what I must do. If they can enjoy themselves while I suffer, I am just going to have to enjoy myself watching them suffer.

Step by step I walk down the stairs. I can hear them moving around above me yelling something. I don’t care what they have to say. I’m on a mission and nothing is going to change my mind.

Entering the kitchen as I have a million times, I cross the cold linoleum floor towards my destination. Hearing Jeremy running down the stairs, I realize my time is limited. I grab the biggest knife I find out of the variety knife block and tuck it into the back of my pants.

“Kristi Hunny! Please wait! Let me explain.” Jeremy shouts.
I turn to face him and see the worry in his eyes. I start to put on my show. I let the tears start to slide down my face. He approaches me with outstretched arms and I know this is the perfect moment.

Sliding the knife out of my pants his eyes widen. I start to laugh.

“Oh Jeremy! For better or worse, till death do we part?” he looks terrified and I’m loving every second of it.

“Kristi… what are you doing?” He trembles.

‘You already parted from me, so I need to keep up my part of our oath.” I laugh.

“Kristi no!” He screams!

I pounce at him knowing exactly where I will strike. He tries to flail away out of my grasp but has no chance. Jerking his head backwards, I whisper in his ear,

“Till death do we part.” And kiss his cheek as I slice right through his jugular.

The blood runs all over his body and my palms turn from pale white to deep blood red. I watch his life run right out of him and on to the floor and am excited when I hear her scream. I glance up with a grin on my face to see Angie pale and turn to sprint and fall flat on her face in Jeremy’s blood.

I leave the side of my first masterpiece and head for my second. I grab ahold of the hair of my “best friend” and drag her over to Jeremy’s limp body.

“Look at what you took from me!” I screamed. “Now I took it from you but that’s not good enough. That still doesn’t cure my pain. I know what will help me. Remember how we are told everyday how those people ended others lives… which way would you prefer?”

“Kristi I’m sorry… please.” She begged.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.” I screamed as I slit her throat just like I did her lover’s.

As the blood seeped onto the floor I turned my attention back to Jeremy. It was time that I took back what was mine. My heart.

Sitting in the middle of a blood stained kitchen, I hear the sirens in the distance. I don’t care anymore. I have my prize and that’s all I needed.

Helen took my prize from me when I entered my torture room. I’m going to get it back… whatever it takes. Nobody takes my things away from me! ?

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