November 1, 2012
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The cold wind on my face as I run through the lighted forest, my brother and I running from a masked man, trying to escape. My brother falls, I stop to help him up, and we begin to run again, the guy right behind us, walking fast as possible. “He’s catching up.” Justin Moore said. We begin to run faster we stopped at a cliff he wasn’t behind us anymore we ran faster and faster, panting harder and harder, heart beating faster and faster, wee ran in a different direction. We stopped at a dead end, we could see him behind us, with a gun he shoots two shot’s but he misses, we slowly run the other way, than running faster when we couldn’t see him anymore. We could see the end of a forest, and a rode just up ahead. We ran faster and faster as he tried to catch up, I fell Justin grabbed my hand, we ran even faster but still the end of the forest looked too far. “Lora, come on he’s gaining up on us.” The masked man shot two shots, one hit me and the other hit my brother, we had fallen to the ground, bleeding and dying a slow painful death.

One Year later
(Friday)December 1, 1969 San Jose, California

Come on, Jake we going to be late for the plane.” I said, as I was getting out of the car. “Calm your horses down, were not going to be late, I set our clocks ahead an hour, we’ll make it to the airport.” Jake Johnson said. “Well the cab is waiting, and he’s running the meter.” “Let me just get our bags.” “Your bags, mine is in the car already.” I said “those are yours.” I said as I helped him with his bags, finally Jake put his last bag in the trunk of the cab, and we went to the airport. “Hey did you tell mom, where we are going?” I said as I looked at my phone, it was five – thirty. “No, I didn’t want her to get mad.” Jake said “of course she’d get mad you didn’t tell her, and you know how she’s over protective of us.” I said. “I’ll call her, right know.” Jake said, he looked at his phone, “I’ll call her, she’s on speed dial she’s number one in my phone.” I said. “Okay, she’ll take it better from you, you are little miss perfect.” Jake said “no, I’m not.” I said, as put the phone to my ear. There was an answer, it was our mom, “hey, mom, it’s me Sara, um… Jake and I went out camping and we won’t get back till Saturday morning, we’ll see you soon.” I said. “Okay, we’ll see you soon.” Our mom said, she hung up, so did I, “well, what did she say?” Jake said. “Huh, that’s odd she isn’t mad, she said its okay, and she’ll see us on Sunday.” “That’s a surprise, she’s probably half asleep.” Jake said. “No, she’s up by this time; she’s always up before us.” I said. “Maybe she’s letting us live our life.” Jake said. “Finally, she’s was so bossy.” Jake continued. “Leave her alone, she just trying to take care of us, she loves us.” I said. “Yeah, but she’s over protective.” Jake said. We talked for a while, “What did your girlfriend say, when you asked her, to come with us?” I said. Jake laughed, and said in a voice mocking his girlfriend, you expect me to go out to those woods, and camp, are you kidding me I just got my nails done.” Jake said. We were laughing, “What about your boyfriend.” Jake asked, “I broke up, with him, he was a loser he treated me like crap, and I was tired of it.” I said. We arrived at the airport, we went through, the entire thing we needed to go through, and boarded the plane. We lifted off, when everyone boarded the plane.

Four Hours later
Friday December 1, 1996
9: 30 am

We got off the plane and took a cab to the mountain site. We went in the office and talked about where to go, what’s good, and when we are going to be leaving. We went camping; we went to the Toronto woods. We went deep in, than there was a group of boys, “where do you two think you’re going? Said a man a little older than us. “Who are you, two?” said the same man. “I’m Jake Johnson and this is my sister Sara.” Jake said “hi, I’m Tyler, this is Kevin and the quite one over there is Mike.” Tyler said. “Were going to go know, we have a lot of grounds to cover, before Saturday.” I said. We grabbed out stuff and walked on, they stopped us, “don’t leave so soon, we just met.” Kevin said. “Come on, Kevin leave them alone, they didn’t do anything to you, we bothered them.” Tyler said. Kevin moved out of our way, “Thank-you.” I said. I looked at Tyler, we went on our way, and we looked in the forest for a spot to set up camp, instead of looking for a spot we stopped and looked at the water fall. There was a noise of someone breaking sticks, we looked behind us to see who it is, it was a forest ranger. “Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, I like to come out here, and it’s quiet and peaceful.” Said the forest ranger. “It’s okay; we were just looking for a place to set up.” “Oh, there’s a place just up here, it has a real good view, and you can see the water.” “Thank-you we’ll check it out.” I said. The forest ranger left and we went up the path, he showed us, we walked on for a while and found what he was talking about, it’s a field with low grass, like a mountain, and the most wonderful view, ever. “Wow, it’s wonderful, he’s right it’s wonderful.” Jake said. “Yeah it is, wow I would like to live keep this view forever.” I said as I put my bad down.
WE set up camp, and got wood for the fire, I went one way and Jake went the other way, I could feel someone watching me, behind a tree or a bush. I hurried up, and went back to the camping spot. Jake set up the fire and I set up the tent, by the time I was done with the two tents, Jake was still on the fire, I took over and within two minutes the fire was lit. “How did you do that?” “Well you learn a little something if you were in the girl scouts, and not at the skate park twenty-four hours and seven days a week.” I said as I was doing the chairs so we could sit down. I took out the stuff so we could make dinner it was already 5:55 and we hadn’t ate since the plane. I made us some meat so that we can at it with tortilla. We ate, that I went to the nearest river and washed the pan, plates and spatula.
I put the washed dishes on the towel I brought; I was washing the pan when I heard someone coming, I turned around it was Kevin, Tyler and Mike, I got up, “Hi, Sara.” Tyler said. “Um…hi you guys, what are you guys doing here?” I said. I picked up all the dishes and grabbed my phone out of my but pocket, I dialed Jake behind my back, and put it in my sweater pocket. “Um… I better go, my brother’s going to be worried and it’s getting dark.” I said in a scared voice. Kevin kept looking at me, “Tyler take Sara to her campsite, and we’ll follow you.” Kevin said. “Sara there you are, I was worried, you been gone for too long, mom is going to have my head on a stick, if she finds out I lost you, especially since you’re her only daughter.” Jake said. I walked towards Jake, “Bye, we’ll see you around, we guess.” Jake said. We left and went back to our camping spot; we sat down and talked until midnight, than we went to bed.

Saturday December 2, 1996
4:20 am

I woke up, tied to a chair, “Sara is that you are you okay?” Jake said in a concerned voice. “Yeah, where are we?” I asked. “I don’t know, I just woke up.” Jake said. “How did we get here, I never felt anything.” Jake said. “Me either.” I said. I tried to get out of the chair it was too tight, I heard creaking than the door opened, a masked man came in, and he gave us water, “what do you want with us?” Jake said. “I want you girlfriend.” “You can’t have her and she’s my sister.” Jake said. “Why do you want me?” I said.
The masked man came to me, and touched my face, “I want you to come with me, and live with me.” “NEVER.” I said. “But you said you would.” Said the masked man. “What? I don’t even know you.” I said. “Oh, but Sara you do.” The man took off his mask, “Mike? Why would you do this to us?” I said. “You broke up with me, why?” Mike said. “You know why, I loved you and you just acted like I was a piece of meat, you ignored me every time we were dating, I hated you for that, I couldn’t take it anymore so I broke up with you.” I said. “I loved you too, but I was embarrassed to be with my girlfriend every single minute of the day.” Mike said. “That doesn’t mean you treat me like crap, Mike.” I said. “I was stupid, and was in high school we make mistakes.” Mike said. “Yeah, so what does being in high school have to do with us, and what you did.” I said. “You hurting yourself, you’re hurting me and everyone that cares about you and loves you.” I said. Mike untied me, I hugged him, I moved away, I grabbed a wrench and hit him over the head, and he fell and was unconscious.
I quickly untied Jake and we ran, “why did you do that?” Jake said as we ran downstairs, and tried to find the door, we couldn’t. Mike found us, “know, why would you do that, know my head hurts.” Mike said. “You kidnapped us, and tied us to a chair.” I said. We walked in the kitchen and Jake grabbed two knifes, he hid one, I did the same. “Come out; come out, where ever you are.” Mike said. We found a door, and ran out, we ran straight, we didn’t know where we were, and we just ran. “There’s a rode just ahead.” I said. “Come on, hurry up, he’s behind us.” Jake said. We were closer and closer to the rode, we reached the rode there was a car, and it was a forest patrol car. We tried to stop the car, it stopped, we were covered in dirt, and a little blood from the rope. The forest patrol cop came out of the car, “what happened?” He said. We were out of breath, we tried to speak but couldn’t, than out of nowhere Mike stepped out of the forest, I pointed to Mike, the forest cop turned around, he started talking to Mike as he knew him, than he took the wrench from Mike and hit up both with it.

I woke up, with a mild head ache, Jake was next to me, “Sara, are you okay?” Jake said. There was blood dripping down my face, “Yeah, I’m fine. How about you?” I asked. “Same here.” Jake said. The door opened, in came the lady we met, the forest guard and Mike. “Who are you guys?” Jake said. “I’m Jakes, friend, and so is she.” The forest guard said. “I’m Ida May, and this is Donald, he’s my husband.” Ida may said. “Oh, how nice two more crazy people, to deal with.” Jake said. “Jake shut up, before they hurt us.” I said. “You better listen to your sister, she’s smart, and I’ve been stalking her, every day since I saw her with our boy Mike here.” Donald said. “You’ve been doing what?” Mike said. “Like you didn’t know, stop playing.” I said. “I’m serious, I didn’t know, why didn’t you tell me, Donald?” “What, I didn’t think it was a big deal, well it is to me, I love her, you, you did this to us, you told me to do all that stuff. Why did I listen to you, you were supposed to be my friend.” Mike said. Donald took out a gun and shot Ida May, I screamed in terror, blood splatter of blood speeded on us all, Mike got the gun from behind his back and shot Donald, his blood splatter did the same. Mike shot Donald one more time, to make sure he was dead, and to see if he was wearing a police vest, he wasn’t. Mike gave me the gun than untied me and untied Jake, “look, I’m very sorry, I didn’t know what he was trying to do, and they both seemed so innocent.” Mike said. Mike looked up at me, “what are you doing?” Mike said. I was pointing the gun at him, “Jake get Donald’s gun.” I said. Jake got Donald’s gun, and pointed it at Mike, “where’s the phone?” I said. “Here’s my phone.” Mike said. I called the police down here; they were here within five to four minutes, they wrapped Donald, and Ida May in separate body bags, and took them off, they called our parents, we waited in the back of one of the cop cars, and they took Mike into custody, we got picked up by our parents, a few hours later. We went home; our parents helped us through our nightmares, and through our troubles.

Six months later
June 2, 1970

It’s been six months since the accident; we’ve been okay since then. Were in college know, Jake and I both got scholarships to NYU (New York University.) I been seeing Tyler, from the woods, he goes there to, he lives with me in our own house, Jake is still with his girlfriend and were all just happy, there’s no one bothering us, or anything else, we lived happily, with our loved ones.


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