Two Minds in One Girl

October 25, 2012
By IrisDenisse BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
IrisDenisse BRONZE, Wyoming, Michigan
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Melinda Lena had it all she had a cute little pink car, amazing hair, and the wealthiest parents at Red Rover High. She had just turned eighteen and was ready to go out to party her night away with her friends at Disco Dave’s. That night she went to party and met by far the most handsome guy that she had ever seen his name was, Antonio. She quickly fell head over heels for him and couldn't even keep her composure. She had to get him she would do whatever it takes to get to be his girlfriend.

What people didn’t know was that Melinda had a deep dark sinister secret. Growing up she was always the girl to be in commercial and ads because she had the intense sapphire eyes and curly brown hair that everyone fell in love with. People found her talking to herself all the time; she would say it was her imaginary friend, so her parents thought nothing of it. They thought children her age always had them. What they didn’t know was that she never quite grew out of it.

The next day she realized that the guy she had met at the club last night was following on her on twitter. She was so amazed that he had found her and knew that this was her chance to talk to him. She quickly direct messaged him. When she looked at his picture she realized that this guy had a girl next to him in the picture, and that girl happened to be his girlfriend. Melinda was more furious than a little girl being taken away from their mom.

It seemed her eyes began to change and she was trying to fight it but she couldn't Melanie came out, and she kept trying to fight her off but Melanie kept coming back
“We have to do something about her”
“We can't Melanie that’s his girlfriend, they look happy”
“Are you stupid!”
“Melanie I can't do this”
“Were going to find a way and get rid of her”
Melinda came back to her senses and was so afraid, she liked the guy a lot but she didn't want to get in between him and his girlfriend. Melanie was controlling her and was going to do whatever it took to get Antonio. She went about her day at school and tried not to let Melinda get the best of her like she always did in the past. She knew she had to stop her from letting her get the best of her.
The next day she went to a house party with her friends and realized that Antonio was there with his girlfriend. She tried to avoid him as much as she could, but just as she was leaving Antonio came and said hi while introducing his girlfriend. Oh no she thought, she tried to fight it as much as possible, but Melinda just couldn't fight of Melanie.
“That’s your girlfriend?” She said with a smirk
“Yes, her names Nancy”
“Hi Nancy”
“I had a great time with you at the club the other day”
“Yea it was!”
Nancy glanced at Antonio as if he did wrong and soon enough Antonio waved goodbye and left, trying to explain to Nancy what had really happened.
Melinda was furious that Melanie made her look so cheap and like a girl with no morals. She got into her car and drove away. When she got home she yelled at Melanie and told her that if she didn't stop she was going to make her life living hell. The following week Melanie had planned everything so well so that she would get Antonio one way or another.

“I’m going to find him”

“Don’t Melanie “

“I’m going to find his girlfriend and I promise you I will get rid of her”

“Melanie don’t do anything crazy”



Melanie grabbed her purse and car keys, but before she did she glossed her lips with ruby red MAC lipstick. She went to Antonio’s house and to her surprise; Nancy’s car was parked right in front of his house.

She quickly raced out of her dazzling magenta pink car crawled under Nancy’s truck and put a small bomb that would immediately go off once Nancy turned her car on. Melinda began to come back she was fighting Melanie with all her might but that night Melinda just couldn’t fight her off. The next morning when Melinda ran and turned the television on she was hearing that a girl was murdered. She quickly turned toward the television to hear that the girls name was Nancy Freeman. Melinda’s heart began to race, she began to shower herself in her sweat she knew that it was Melanie that had commit that horrible crime, how could she turn her in?

“Why did you do this Melanie?”

“Oh shut up, I did you a favor”

“You killed a girl!”

“Yea and?”

“She was innocent Melanie”

“And I care why?’

“You should care!”

Melinda broke down and began to sob her eyes out. She knew she had to tell Antonio what had happened. She went to Antonio’s house and he looked like he had been crying all day, he hugged Melinda and asked her to come in. She knew that she couldn’t tell him the truth; it would hurt him too much.

Five months later, Melinda and Antonio were on their date when the police came in and grabbed Melinda, they were arresting her on murder charges. Antonio and Melinda looked at each other in amazement. When in jail the detectives asked Melinda why she killed Nancy, she kept denying everything. When she went to trial a week later the judge sent her to an asylum, she was diagnosed with split personalities and there she spent the rest of her nights in solitude.

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