The Crazy One

October 25, 2012
By kathy15 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
kathy15 BRONZE, Holyoke, Massachusetts
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All I can remember of my childhood is being in diffent houses, being with people I didn’t know. I don’t think I remember my real mom, I only got to see her once or twice after they took me from her. I can’t wrap my head around what my mom made me go through. They have asked me if I want to see her again now that I am older but I don’t want to, I hate her and every thing she did to me. She basically ruined my whole life. I still have scares and memories of every little thing she ever did to me, but all those things helped me become who I am.

Most people say I am a crazy psychopath. But I think I am perfect the way I am. I started being myself the that day I finally had the nerve to kill my first victim. I am doing all this because of my mom to thank her for everything. I would never change who I am. I just love who I am and what I do it makes me feel better about myself. I disguise who I am when I text my victims. I just tell them the first letter of my name which is A. I never want to go back there, they leave me alone in a room where I can’t do anything. I feel like screaming my lungs out, HELP HELP GET ME OUT OF HERE!! There are guards everywhere and there is no way I can escape.

The people from here are crazy; they talk to themselves and hit themselves. I am not supposed to be here. The people from here say they can help me out; they really can’t, because I don’t need it. They call changing how someone is help; they just can’t stand people that are happy with themselves. I have to get out of here because if I stay one more day here I will go crazy.

Then I heard “Ashley, can I please come in to give you your pill ?”. It was the nurse that always came to give me my pills. She has dark brown hair and a round face just like me. I gave here a creepy smile that made her wonder. When she came in and gave me the pill in my hand and a glass of water, I went crazy screaming and hitting her with a tray she had brought. When I started breathing hard, she was just laying there on the ground. I stayed staring at her with a smile on my face. I took all her clothes from her. Getting into the clothes and changing I thought to myself “finally getting out of here.”

It was so easy to get out of there, I was glad I did it. When I got to the front desk, my head up and shoulders high I just showed my ID to the woman sitting behind the front desk, she just opened the doors and let me out. At that moment I was free, I was back in business.

I picked up my phone and called my helper saying, ”I am back, my plan worked”. I had some unfinished business to take care of. I knew where I had to go. I also knew who I needed to have a talk with. I had no time to waste, my time was limited. So right away I texted her, “I am back and I am coming to get you and you haven’t seen the violent side of me, A.” smiling I gave myself a pat on the back. I had a great plan to get back at her, because she didn’t know her boyfriend was going to help me. I told him to take her out for a date at a specific place it was a two-hour drive and it was on a Clift. I was going to be in the trunk of the car waiting for the perfect time to jump out and throw her down the Clift. I was confident that my plan was going to work out.

When it came to the time to jump out and push her, she grabbed on to me and I didn’t have a choice but to stab her. She let me go but then she got a hold of me and took me down with her. We were falling so fast she was still holding on to me but I kicked her and I landed on a bottom Clift. I was hurt but NOT dead.

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