The Voices

October 25, 2012
By JJ322 BRONZE, Shropshire, Other
JJ322 BRONZE, Shropshire, Other
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The Voices have been ringing for some time now in my head. As soon as I drift off to sleep, they fill every corner of my mind, whispering and chanting like tribesmen around a fire. Occasionally, a different kind of Voice can be heard - one that is enchanting and chromatic in its sound. It's tone as soft as a cloud, yet so clear and crisp, like a clear summer sky. It pierces my heart, and I'm sure that I cry in my dreams now. This Voice soon fades away though, as if scared by my conscience. The others return, and I return to the sleepless nights where I wake up, sweat trickling down my face, questioning my sanity and wondering what I have done to deserve this torture.

I have taken pills to keep me awake. This oasis of time however, is lost when my strained brain commands my body back into the the darkest depths of Hell from where I came - back to the Voices.

However confusing this is, if I could dream inside my dream that I'm dreaming, I would dream of a blissful sleep, uninterrupted, with a silence as sweet as an angel. I don't think anyone appreciates the the beauty of nothing, of silence.

As far as I know, the Voices, the Voices have no purpose, other than to terrify you in your sleep like the demons from Hell that they are. They are hiding something from me though, I know it. Clouding my thoughts with their screams and whispers so that my brain cannot comprehend anything, cannot work anything out. Something I do now about the Voices though, is that they can never be stopped.

Don't let the Voices get to you,

- J

The author's comments:
Quite a dark piece. Meddling with insanity, and illusions...

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