Unforgiving Past

October 25, 2012
By gisell33 BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
gisell33 BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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“Ahh!” As I’m running, while gasping for air, I hear the footsteps right behind me, moving faster and faster. Scared and frightened I was not able to see anything but darkness until I feel something scratching my arm. My head saying to run and keep running to the unknown, but I am now wondering where my twin sister is. We then separated when I heard a groan right behind me and I got up in and ran. My sister Ally and I were taking a trip after college graduation to a cabin that we became attracted to as we researched the cabin. It seems odd because images flashed back in our memory as if we had been there before. We then began to have nightmares about the cabin, becoming more intriguing to us. Ally and I then began to plan all of our requirements to stay there. Excited to go Ally and I began a new journey in which we would take together.
When our mother heard about our trip to the cabin, she refused to let us go. Ally and I then became more interested because our mother never said no to anything, and for her to retain that no was a huge deal. After all of the weird stuff going on, finally the day to go arrived. Ally excited as she became then sang all the way there. When we arrived, everything seemed quiet and we noticed the entrance sign was in another language. We just thought the sign was written in another language due to the time that was written due to the sign looking really old, but in our heads never occurred to us what happen after that. As we got closer to the cabin we began to notice how the trees looked dead and that much of the grass looked as if burned permanently in some time. It seemed odd because the rest of the forest looked normal except for that part that surrounded the cabin. We just thought said that they should have not exterminated the surrounding so that an animal could not go inside. Walking into the cabin, we saw beauty.
Chairs there looked so ancient with carvings in them and a weird sort of back that when someone would sit there felt like sitting on a cloud. The white chimney, unlike any other chimney contained silver on the edges. When we looked up we saw the most amazing things. A picture of two angels holding each other’s hand as if they started to depart from each other was on the ceiling. As we admired the angels, we heard a groan from the other part of the cabin. Ally and I looked at each other in fright and grabbed each other’s hands, ready to inspect the house. While we walked to the other side to see what went on in our car suddenly went off and the tires exploded. Ahhhhhh! We jumped as we heard the big boom that went off outside. I went out there to check but there nothing appeared to be there, and as I got in the cart to turn in on it was done. The car looked as if someone sucked the life out of it. I just turned to Ally and told her that the car did not work it did not even turn on. Ally looked at me as if she lost and then just fainted in the ground. Ally I screamed as I ran to her but ii arrived too late for she lay in the ground already.
Wake up Ally I began screaming to her and then she opened her eyes but her eyes now looked ice cold. Ally never looked at me like that not even when she was mad. As she lay there looking at me she says to me, “Watch your back you never know when something might happen!” A big grin on her face appeared and then again she was gone. I began to wonder in my head that person could not be my twin in there that was someone else. When I felt the most horrible chest pain that I could never imagine, and then I fell to the ground feeling weaker than ever. My sister then woke up and said, “Sally are you okay what happened why are we on the ground?” Ally then picked me up and took me inside in the bed that was in the room where the groan was heard. Not knowing if it was me because I was sick or if it appeared to be something that was real but as she laid me in the bed I saw two boys standing there behind my sister. These twins stood there looking at me with their fingers on their lips to tell me to stay quiet.

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