It Lurks in the Bathroom

October 19, 2012
By Pippie-Elizabeth BRONZE, Central Point, Oregon
Pippie-Elizabeth BRONZE, Central Point, Oregon
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We hide in the dark corners and alleyways that people like you are too cowardly to enter. We live in secret, but there are those of us who foolishly run headlong with no regrets into the open for the world to gaze upon them.
We lurk in a darkness unfamiliar to any of you. We are artists forced to live in shadows and solitude. That has yet to keep us from creating our masterpieces. Even you cannot keep us from creating something beautiful. However, like much of the world beyond my own, you do not understand our beauty. You don’t see that we can be beautiful too. We are out-casted and ridiculed. You are the source of our torment, yet you twist the truth and say we are the cause of yours.
We try to stay hidden from your sight, but sometimes mistakes are made. The outcome is always the same. We are the freaks you despise, shriek at the sight of, attempt to drown, burn, and even mutilate us with the intent to kill. Those of you who don’t seek to slaughter us are a rare, dying, if not extinct breed of people. Now we cannot create beauty and live in harmony in your world. You’ve caused this. Only now have we decided to seek our revenge. We are the vermin you so long to rid yourselves of.

For future reference, I’d be afraid of the crack running along the ceiling above the shower. Don’t sleep too soundly, because you’re the first one I get.


The Spider in the Bathroom

The author's comments:
This piece is a letter inspired by a spider that was trying to crawl the wall of my shower that I attempted to, and did, drown. During my shower I thought about what life must be like as a spider. The world marvels at your webs, but cannot stand the sight of you.

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on Nov. 13 2012 at 3:29 pm
Meggieisawesome SILVER, Central Point, Oregon
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Darleks are red
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Why can't you see that I LOVE YOU..... Almost as much as DOCTOR WHO????

That was awewsome!!

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