Crime investigators: Teen’s edition

October 13, 2012
By stardustmoon BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
stardustmoon BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
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So it all begins at my office my boss Taniyia Harvey. She has red hair medium length, oddly her eyes they are yellow, white skin color with a bit of a tan. She calls me saying “oh! Aalla I have a new job for you”. Oh great a new fun job I thought. See I’m an undercover investigator for the FBI. But what I got for a job last time was to go see the new museum opening or go see the animals at the zoo. No I want a job that I could do undercover work. Well I got my chance.

The job my boss gave me was to go investigate a haunted house. Well I got the job but under one condition and that was to bring my colleague Kevin rose he just stared working here 2 months ago he’s about “6,2” has nice black hair honey brown eyes and light tan skin and annoying. He is a photagerfer for the news or that’s what I thought and did I mention annoying. So that night we sunk in to the house we wore black or at least I did, Kevin wore a neon yellow shirt with some black jeans. He said “all black is not my thing”. Bogus is what he is. So we walk around the house is probably 200 years old, it’s all dusty on the inside and looks like its falling apart on the outside. It was a funny shade of green with oddly yellow colored window frames. On the inside it was all dark and cold with tons of creaks and the furniture that was inside was old torn and the stuffing came out. Kevin took out his camera and stared taking pictures of the place while I was looking around to see why the place was hunted. I kept walking around Kevin had yelled “watch out”; he caught me before I fell into a door that led downstairs to the basement. “Thanks” I said. “Be careful” he said we both went down to see what was there. All we saw where bags of drugs and a bag of money. Then someone jumped out of the corner of the room and yelled hands up. It was a man about 6 feet no taller than that. He also had brown hair just a bit past the ear, he had blue eyes, is also really tan. “What are you doing here?” he yelled at us. Kevin said “we came to drop of the goods and get our cut”; “what” I said. The other guy said “ok where is it”. Kevin pointed up stairs and the guy put his gun down and run up stairs, Kevin hide the gun. We looked around more closely. About 30min went by and that guy never came back down. We went upstairs and heard some noise from upstairs. We went up slowly and we saw a woman about 19 years 5’, 6” and blonde hair she was crying. I turned to look at Kevin and said “I’m going to talk to her” I started to walk off and Kevin caught my arm “be careful “and he let go. I went and sat next to the woman. I ask her what was wrong. She said that “oh hi you must be the ghost of this house”. “Oh, no I’m not the...she cut me off saying “I’m Jessie and I will just be here for while so could you not pretend to look like my ex-boyfriend to get me to leave all the time.” She looked at me and said “wait who you are.” “I’m Aalla and I got lost looking around the town.” I said. We talked for a while and she is kind but also arson. Turned out she burned down the house a few blokes down and has a warrant for her arrest, but other than that she’s just sweet. That guy we saw down stairs sounds like the guy she was crying about so I guess they went out. I told her to walk outside and get some fresh air with me. Jessie was hesitant but she came anyway. I left Kevin a note; saying I went for a walk with Jessie. What a cutie he fell asleep on the floor around the Corner in the hall in the hall. He is so much less annoying that way. Jessie and I walk down stairs just then “bang” someone was trying to brake in. we froze and the police ram the door down came in and tried to arrest Jessie and me. “Stop’ I yelled and they did. Why are you arresting us we did nothing wrong and they said “we have warrants for you arrest”. Kevin came down saying “no you have the wrong people the ones you want just ran off to the probably the park.” Who are you the one said angrily? “I’m with the FBI I have been working undercover as a photographer. “What” I yelled he walked down to and stopped next to me “why didn’t you tell me” I said. “You mean like you told Sam about you being under cover.” He said. Then that guy who held up a gun at us earlier ran in looked at everyone and bolted out. “That’s your guy” Kevin said. “Chris” Jessie yelled at him then she ran out after him. I ran after her, Kevin ran after me and the cops after him. Some chain right. We all ran into the park and police cornered Chris at the edge of the park where there was a Clift. They soon realized he’s the big drug dealer it the town and they astride him. Kevin got the police to allow Jessie to talk to Chris before he was taken away. Chris made a run for it, the cops ran after him. I’m not sure if they caught him they spoke for a while. Then he made a run for it and ran from the police. The police ran after him. I walked around the Clift. It had an amazing view of the next town but I walked to close to the edge. It started to collapse and I started to fall. “Kevin” I yelled he caught my arm and pulled me up saying “I said be careful” and gave me a hug. But then the rest of the Clift that was still there gave out again we both feel and Kevin held me tightly when we were falling.
When I woke up I was back in the house we were inspecting. “Kevin where are you, and how did we get back?” I yelled. I tried to get up but feel my ankle hurt so badly. I was alone in a room and panicked so I crawled to get out of the house. When I got to the door it was locked. How did the door get locked I don’t know how but it was. I got up even though my ankle hurt I tried to walk on it. Limping around looking to see if I was alone or not I cheeked all the doors and windows. They were all locked. It got clod all of a sudden. “Kevvvin, you jerk where the hell are you” I screamed. I started to cry (I hate to be alone) and then someone grabbed my shoulder and turned me around and hugged me. I couldn’t see who it was but I knew it was Kevin because of his sent. He smelled like some man clone but I knew it was him because it had an icy sent to it. I pushed him a way and punched him in the chest. “Where were you and why did you levee me alone” I yelled at him. He picked me up and carried me (kicking and punching him ^_^’) into a room and put me on a couch. He took my ankle and took out a flashlight. “Hold the flashlight if you can manage it” he said. “Ha-ha very funny” I whispered. I took the flashlight. He took my leg and held up my ankle and started to massage it. “Ouch that hurts” I said. “Oh stop winning it will be ok” he said. He gently massaged my ankle then he wrapped it with some cloth. “Kevin I’m tired where are we going to sleep if we can’t get out of this house??” I said “well” he said he got up and sat on the sofa next to me and put a blanket on me. “Where’s yours??” I said Kevin said “I only found one you can use it” I wasn’t cold much because of the blanket but it was getting colder in the house I knew Kevin would get cold. So I sat closer to him to share the blanket. I wrapped it around him and me, and fell asleep. I don’t think I feel asleep that long because it was still dark but I felt peruse on my body weighing me down. I tried to look around but all I could see was Kevin being pulled away. Odd the room isn’t bright I could barely see him before without the flashlight. “ke” that’s all I could manage to say and it was in a whispery tone. I could hardly speech but why? “ke..kevi..KEVIN” I screamed and suddenly a weird face appeared with no body right in front of me. It was so scary with deep red eyes, pale skin, and sharp teeth. I was stunned at this point I couldn’t even see Kevin. I felt something grabbing my neck from behind and they started to choke me. I tried to push the person a way then they slowly stopped and let go. “KEVIN HELP” I screamed again. I started to run for the door when I tripped and feel flat on my face. Something grabbed me and stared to shake me. “WAKKE UP Aalla... wake up” is what I last heard. I opened my eyes, “Kevin” I said as I hugged him. I was scarred where were you. Then I pushed him away. “You left me again” I yelled at him. “No I didn’t you had a bad dream I knew that when you punch my face and woke me up” he said. “Oh I’m sorry lets go back to sleep” I said. We sat on the couch and he wrapped his arm around me saying “just so you won’t punch me or have scary dreams just know I’m here holding you, and if you punch me again I will punch you back” he said laughing. I was nervosa and my face felt warm but I went along with it and we went to sleep. When I woke up I was lying on Kevin and he was lying on the sofa. How we changed passions I won’t know. It was really early the sun was just rising and Kevin was still asleep. I tried to go back to sleep but I was so nervous lying on Kevin. Then I stopped thinking so much about it and I heard his heart beet I was so calming to hear the rhythm. I dosed off to it. When I woke up I was on the couch all alone. I got up and walked around. My ankle felt better but I was still hard to walk on. “Kevin where are….” That’s all I could say then I was jerked by the back of my hair when I managed to look back it was by Kevin. He then pushed me down the stairs. I was caught by that girl Jessie. She pulled me out of the hall into the kitchen. She said “gosh you get so banged up”. “Kevin, I have to go get him right after I punch his face in” I shouted at her franticly. I was about to get out of the room and then she pulled me back. “shhhhh” she said as she contiuned I saw him last night, he came in the room I was sleeping in and choked me I almost didn’t get a way but then it like he snapped out of it. He left after he called your name. then he walked out. Then I saw him this morning he was saying stuff in different laughs.” “I don’t know what’s going on but we can’t levee him. Then we will get out of here.” I said. We walked out of the room a while later but I must have been hours because it was about 5 in the afternoon. We walked around to see if anything would happen. Nothing did, only that the house creeks... “Kevin where are you I need you to come out so we can work” I yelled out. Suddenly a chair flung across the room. The door in the room was opening and closing the light was flickering and the items were floating in the room. “Jessie watch” I scrammed. As I pushed her out of the way I got hit in the head. When I woke up I was in a room with a little girl. “Hey little girl why are you here?” I said but I don’t think she heard me. She ran into the room next door and knelt down near a bed. She then said “go ahead and die, I will live all alone without you” and she stabbed the person in the bed and cheerfully walked out the room. She turned and looked at me and said “you should go back now before I kill you too or ill have your boy toy kill you instead”. What is she talking about I had no clue. “Aalla wake up” Jessie was screaming at me. “I’m up, I’m up what’s going on” I said. “Move” someone screamed. I looked and it was Kevin holding back his hand that held a knife in it. “KEVIN are you trying to KILL me” I sad so sadly. “NO I could never do that to you now get out of here” he yelled. Jessie pulled me out of the room we started to run we ran into the basement and then she fell into a hole. “Jessie is you ok give me your hand I’ll get you out.” She tried to reach but was too short. She screamed “watch out”. A shadow passed by me I shined my flashlight and it was Kevin. His eyes looked as cold as that little girl from my dream earlier. I got scared I didn’t know what to do I just couldn’t see Kevin being possessed or anything like that I didn’t believe that ghost are real. Kevin picked me up and He then threw me down a whole. “Ouch get me out of here” I said. “RUN” he seemed he said. To where I thought. He then threw me flashlight. He left “be careful” I yelled to him. We looked around and there was a tunnel we walked into it wasn’t that long we eventually made it to a caller. We saw a door that lead outside we went to go open it. It had an old lock on it we need to get off to open the door. We looked around and we found a sludge hammer. I grabbed it and slugged the lock off. I started too walked out of the caller when Kevin came in. “Kevin you’re ok” I said. He ran to grab my ankle and it was the one that still hurt a little. “Let go I want to get out” I screamed. He ended up pulling me back in. I remembered where he hid the gun earlier. I ran and grabbed it. I held the gun at him. But I couldn’t just shoot him. That’s why I wasn’t given a gun. My boss knows I wouldn't shoot someone. I looked at Jessie “what should I do” I mouthed to her. Kevin dated at her Jessie “watch out” I yelled. Shoot the gun luckily I missed. (I closed my eyes too). He turned to me and slowly moved torwads me. Just then Jessie started saying something I couldn’t really understand, but Kevin let go and stared acted funny. He feels over and a shadow figure came out of his body. It was that little girl I saw in my dream. She said “ Oh pooh oh well I will use you instead”. She was looking at Jessie; Jessie grabbed the oil can in the Conner she was in poured it and light a match and set the oil on fire. The caller stared to burn. The girl went right threw me yelling “ not my house, you all will…” that’s all she could say till something came out from under ground and grabbed her. The figure was all black and had one red arm. Witch grabbed the little girl and took her away underground. We were also so stupid to still be in the caller witch is still one fire. “we have to get out of here” Jessie yelled. She ran out and Kevin after her I started to run but something pulled me back. Turned it was t6he little girl trying to come back from hell. She looked like she was dying all over again and so alone. I wasn’t sad though I want out of this house! But I couldn’t get up I was stuck. In a flash she disappeared and I was being dragged with her. “KEVIN HELP” I yelled. Kevin ran in and grabbed me and pulled out of the ground. He picked me up and ran. The house started to cave in on us but we got out in time. “Aalla I’m sorry for earlier. When I almost killed you and when I threw you down the starts and when I also threw you down the hole. I wasn’t myself, but I saw what I was doing and I hated it. I couldn’t do anything and it was my Owen body. It was so disgusting.” He end their; he looked very sad I hated to see him that way. I gave him a hug saying “I told you to be careful. And its ok we are alive”. The fire Turk came and so did the ambulance and cops. They tried to arrest Jessie I said “no wait she’s with us as of today she is working for the FBI.” She saw Chris in the back of the cop car and waved to him he started to tear and yelled to her “I LOVE YOU, wait till I get out I will change”. Jessie said nothing she just watched them drive him away. She looked sad but I didn’t want to ask her then and there. I was in the ambulance and the medics were saying to me “wow you got banged up, you have and spurned ankle, burses on your arms and legs, and a bump on your head. Would you like to go to the hospital?” Kevin came in and said “no she will be coming with me and our new team member. Latter Jessie told us that her uncle she lived most of her life with is a monk. So that’s how she knows to exercise ghost. She never thought it would be a good thing to know but we were lucky. That was the end of case one.

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