The crash

October 11, 2012
The crash

The plane was going down so fast that I felt like I couldn’t breathe. All I can hear is a loud alarm going off and people screaming with panic. Breathing masks flew in front of everyone’s faces. I was trembling so bad that I couldn’t even put mine on. That’s when my friend Jessie grabbed my mask and put it on for me. I can feel tears slowly drip down my face. I know that there is no way I can survive this. I can’t remember where my other friends are sitting so I turn my head around to look for them, but that’s when it happened. The plane crashed. At that very moment I blacked out.

Some time later my eyes slowly opened and all I could feel was pain. Pain all over my body. I realized that somehow I managed to survive the crash. I was still in my seat but I noticed that half the plane in the front was missing. I look to my right and I saw that’s Jessie isn’t sitting there anymore. When I try to get up from my seat I realize that my seatbelt is still tight on my stomach. I’m not for sure but I think it might have saved my life. When I finally get myself all the way up my body feels really sore almost like I had been running for hours. The plane is at such a downward angle that I almost fall over. Big and small metal pieces were scattered all over the plane. I start looking for any survivors but it doesn’t seem like I am in much luck because everyone around me is either unconscious or dead. Again, I start to cry. When I finally walk out of the plane I see that it crashed in the middle of the woods. But it was actually really beautiful. It had moss that covered every tree in sight and clovers covered the ground that the plane laid on. Flowers were in every corner.

“Lydia!” I hear someone calling my name. I feel so excited and relieved because I know that someone has survived and I will now have someone by my side. I look all around and finally see that it’s Jessie.
“I thought you didn’t make it.” At that moment we started hugging so tight that I couldn’t breathe but I think that is was the best feeling ever, to know that she was alive. When I looked up at her I noticed a long cut along the side of her face and tears were running down her cheeks.
“Lydia…Holly and Rebecca didn’t make it. They were sitting in the front of the plane where it hit with the most impact.” I fell to my knees and started crying. I couldn’t imagine never being able to see my best friends again.

“What are we going to do? How are we going to get rescued?” But before she even had time to answer I remembered that I had a phone in my carryon bag. I wasn’t sure if my bag would even still be there but it was worth it to check. I run back to the plane and find that it wasn’t there. My bag was completely gone. That’s when I noticed a little boy crying in the corner. I slowly walked up to him.
“Hey, what is your name?” He looked up at me with bright blue eyes and the most depressed expression on his face and then turned away. He also had brown hair that was long and tangled.
I kneeled down to him. “It’s ok. I can help you. My friend and I survived the crash and we are going to try to find food and do anything we can to get rescued.” He stood up and wiped his tears.
“My name is Jake. My parents died. And I don’t know how I can live without them.” I grabbed him and gave him a hug. But I kind of knew how he felt because my two best friends died but I guess it doesn’t compare to losing your parents.
“Come with me.” I told him graciously. He followed as we walked back to where me and Jessie had found each other. When we got there I introduced him to Jessie and that’s when we realized how fast the dark was creeping up on us.

“We need to find shelter. And we need to find it fast!” I told them. We started walking forward not knowing what we were going to find. An hour goes by and we start to feel discouraged. My legs were aching as bad as my stomach. I was hungrier than usual because all I had eaten on the plane was peanuts.
“Do you see that?” Jake said hesitantly. I looked around and wasn’t sure on what he was talking about. I looked over at Jessie and her eyes were growing bigger by the minute I could tell she could see something too.
“What is it?” I asked but that’s when I noticed red eyes piercing through the bushes. I couldn’t tell for sure what it was. But it didn’t look nice. We all slowly started walking backwards. It walked out of the bushes to try to get closer to us and that’s when we noticed that it was a wolf.

“RUN!” Jessie shouted. I did as she said and started running as fast as I could. I look to my right and Jake is right there beside me also running quickly. I was so nervous to look behind me because I wasn’t sure if it was chasing after us or not. But I just had to. I turn around to look but before I could even see anything I tripped on a tree root. My ankle hurt so bad I knew that I couldn’t get up. I turn around and the wolf is gone. I’m not sure where it went but I’m just glad its not in sight. Jake and Jessie didn’t know that I tripped so I could still see that they were running. My ankle is in so much pain I cant move it at all. I grabbed the side of a tree and pulled my self up but fell right back down. I needed help and I needed it fast.

“Jessie!” I called as loud as I could. But I heard nothing back. “Jake! HELP ME PLEASE ANYBODY!” Jake and Jessie had run so much in the distance that I couldn’t even see them anymore. But that’s when I noticed that something is running back for me. I feel so relived. But its not what I thought and hoped it was. It was the wolf and it was running straight for me. I shut my eyes because I know this is the end. I cant possibly survive this. And that’s when I feel something come at my side and grab me. I open my eyes and see a tall man carrying me in his arms. I wasn’t sure who he was but I did know that he saved my life.

He ran for a little while but once he knew we were safe and away from the wolf he laid me back down on the wet grass. “Who are you?” I asked. “My name is Jeff and I survived the plane crash. I thought I was that only survivor so I was trying to find my way out of the forest. That’s when I saw you lying there on the ground with a wolf running straight for you.”
“Thank you for saving me.” I said. I suddenly hear a loud noise coming from above us. I look up and see a helicopter that had spotted us. I finally was being rescued. When it landed two guys come running out and laid me on a stretcher. My ankle was still in a lot of pain. I get in the helicopter and see that Jessie and Jake are in there too. They must have found them before me. I could finally take a deep breath in knowing that everyone is going to be ok.

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