Murder On Monday

October 11, 2012
By Carnine BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
Carnine BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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Murder On Monday

It was a rainy Monday evening in October when it all began. My father was out and my mother had long since left us so, as usual, I was home all alone with only my dog Maggie as company. My father was running late and I was beginning to worry about him I was expecting him hours ago. But you know how workaholics are, they never stop working. So I was in bed reading with my dog on my floor when I heard the knocking on the front door to our apartment.

“Hello,” called a woman’s voice, “Is anyone home?”

I flew to the door and looked through the peephole and I saw a tall woman in a freshly ironed pant-suit with a concerned expression on her face knocking on the door. She looked familiar but I just could not figure out where I had seen her before. Then she knocked again, harder this time, but I just kept watching.

“Please if this is the home of Benjamin Jones,”

I swung open the door at the sound of my father’s name before the woman had finished her sentence. Suddenly flooded with concern for my father I began to speak frantically.

“Who are you?” I practically screamed in the strange woman’s face, “What has happened to my father?”By this time I was at static but all the woman did was stare at me. “Do you speak?”I exclaimed after a few moments of silence.

“Oh yes sorry, might I ask who you are?”She looked at me with a face that now was full of puzzlement.

“I a Benjamin’s daughter Margaret, Now what is this about my father?”

“Well your father has been murdered, we do not know who the killer is yet but we think it is someone who knows about his work with the federal government. I can not tell you how sorry I feel but I need you to come with..”

“Wait what! My father is dead? Do you really expect me to beleave some strange woman who just shows up on my doorstep? How do I know you’re not the killer yourself? How do I know my father is even dead?”

“Please just come with me and I will explain everything in the car. I need you to pack fast because we won’t be coming back any time soon. Please just trust me.”

“Okay I will come, as long as I can trust you with my life.”

“You can trust me, now let’s get moving.”

By the time me and the woman reached our new hideaway home she had explained to me that my father has been working on a top secret project for the government, he was murdered by an unknown individual that my new name was Kellie, her name was Trish, and I was only allowed to talk to her from now on. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but I just kept my mouth shut. Especially when I found out that my new BFF was a secret agent for the government. But I had a hard time piecing her whole story together. She said my father was murdered in his car, but he took a cab.

And that was all she told me because the rest was top secret government stuff that I was not allowed to know. Talk about depressing, I thought life was bad when my mom left but try having your father murdered by some anti-government guy, being swept away to some emote place with a strange lady and becoming an orphan all in one night. Now if that’s not a long night I don’t know what is.

The next ffewonly got worse, the lady got meaner, the house was horrible, and I couldn’t go outside. But the whole time I just kept thinking about my father and mother. Why did I haft to lose both. And more importantly was my mother alive? But I didn’t have enough time to dread on it since on the fifth day I was swept off in a helicopter to another headquarters on some abandoned island because the guy who killed my father was after me and I found out the answer to most crucial thing about my hopes of a normal life that I could ever find out. My mother was alive and looking for me. I guess I wasn’t so alone after all.

The author's comments:
This is my first real writing/published piece so its a little rusty. I was inspired by many different people and authors.

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