How Will This All End

October 11, 2012
By Jordan Harvey BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
Jordan Harvey BRONZE, Wilmington, North Carolina
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AHH! Feeling very sleepy. His eyes kept shutting and then rapidly popping back open. This went on for about five minutes. Until this time, his eyes didn’t pop back open.

“It worked,” said Bret. I think he’s gone for a while. Let’s hurry before he wakes back up. He stuffs him in a bag, and then tosses him in the back of his sketchy white van. They drive for hours until they reach their destination. He gets out of the car and can instantly feel the chill of the air creeping through his skin. Then he lets out an evil laugh. “MUWHAHAH.” There are trees shading the entire area. Making everything dark and not letting a ray of sunshine peek through. The only way you can see is the glowing lights coming off from a distance. He looks around to see if anyone is watching. He feels like there are a million eyes on him, but knows there really isn’t. He opens the trunk and starts walking towards the three buildings. The first building looks like a small cabin. The second building is two stories and has boards nailed across every window. The third looks like a giant castle. But not the happy kind of castle. One that looks like death. It’s all black and no windows. It has a huge arena in the middle of it. In the center of the arena is a secret passageway. The only way you can get out of this new world. Pretty soon ten more cars show up, all with bags with someone in them. The people take the bodies to the first building to wash them up. Then the second to inject a poison in them that erases their memory of their past life. Also it will wake them up in less than ten minutes. Once everyone is awake, they all walk around confused. Then someone on a loud speaker explains to them what’s going on. “You have been brought here for a punishment. You fight for your life. The winner will get to leave and continue with your past life. Except, you won’t remember anything. You will have to start over. A new house, new friends, and a new family. Now you know enough. Get ready to fight. Your life may end in the next few hours. Cherish every moment you have right now.” They lead the ten to the big arena. There are hidden weapons throughout the arena, but the fighters don’t know. They will have to find that out themselves. Pretty soon shouting and screaming starts breaking out. Everyone is going crazy because they want to get out of here. One is now dead, they broke his neck. Just nine more to go. An hour goes by and someone has found a dagger. Everyone goes crazy and starts snooping around to find things. By now everyone has a weapon. Things start getting much more interesting. With the clashing of the swords, and the screaming. It gets very intense and gruesome. Now, there are only two people left. They’re starting to act suspicious. They’re talking to each other but it looks like they are trying to find weapons. All of a sudden, they charge out of the arena, coming after the leaders. They were startled and shocked. They have nothing to defend themselves with, so they stand up and try to run. But the fighters are faster. They kill one of the leaders. There is only one left. Obviously, since it’s two against one, the leader is going to die. They catch him and kill him. The two fighters dance around. They are so happy and proud of themselves. Now they just have to find out how to get that secret door opened. All of a sudden, the grass becomes very high. It makes them stop and gasp. It goes in all different directions. They figure out it’s a maze. One that you try to get out of forever, but there’s just no end. Maybe their little escape plan wasn’t so smart after all.

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