The New Hunter

October 12, 2012
By Anonymous

He had never slept in a better bed, Rainsford thought. He woke up rested and rejuvenated, but something about him felt different. After killing General Zaroff last night, he felt as if the castle needed a new hunter to take the place of the old one. At first Rainsford thought of the idea as inhumane, but then he speculated about it for a little while longer. Rainsford had this ‘flame’ in him that was shouting out to him that he needed to hunt, and there was the moral side of him telling Rainsford to do the right thing and let the prisoners free and find his way back home. The ‘devilish’ temptation overwhelmed him and, after eating breakfast, went to go find the ‘training center’ Zaroff had made for the trapped sailors. It was in the cellar of the chateau, and was a dusty, old looking room that had been in for a while. The only sailors that were alive were shackled to the wall and were frail as a string of hair. When they finally awoke and saw Rainsford, they were talking and crying out to Rainsford with all the strength they could use, but Rainsford did not speak the many different languages that all the different sailors spoke. He knew quickly what they were saying, and brought each of them some food and water. He had even tried to start a conversation with one of them, but it was of no use since neither could understand the other. After he fed them dinner, Rainsford walked back up to General Zaroff’s old room and fell asleep. Rainsford slept like a baby that night, and woke up to a beautiful sunny morning. It was a great day, but it was also a great day to hunt, thought Rainsford. After eating a huge breakfast, Rainsford went to the cellar, explained to one the sailors that was most literate in English, give him the supplies that General Zaroff had given him the day Rainsford was hunted, and let him go hide in the jungle. Rainsford, then, found the perfect hunting rifle for him and headed toward the jungle with one of General Zaroff’s dogs. The dog, obviously, was closely leashed near Rainsford and did not let him go freely into the jungle. It took Rainsford only a few minutes to find the sailor, lying behind a couple of boulders near the ocean which Rainsford had jumped in the day he was hunted. He passed by him, and the sailor did not even notice Rainsford pass by him. After about an hour in the jungle, Rainsford was getting bored and frustrated. Rainsford remembers General Zaroff telling him that the sailors were not very intelligent at all, and that’s why Zaroff had to find a new, smarter kind of prisoner to hunt, for example, Rainsford. The blood lust had overcome him, and Rainsford shot the pitiful sailor with one blowing bullet. As Rainsford was walking back to the chateau, he did not feel the thrill of the hunt when he used to hunt just normal animals, for example, jaguars and deer. And then it hit him; what if he released two sailors at the same time instead of just one? There were not very many sailors in the cellar to last him for a while, but Rainsford felt that a ship would crash and land over here very soon. The next day, Rainsford gave each sailor the supplies and released the two at different times, so Rainsford could give the other the supplies and release him too. To his surprise, Rainsford’s plan did not go the way he thought it would. The two people did not cooperate at all, and Rainsford had spotted them just after a few yards into the jungle. He had shot one, and the other ran away in a full sprint across the island. Surprisingly, Rainsford could not find the second one that day and went back to the chateau to sleep and get rest for tomorrow. The next morning, Rainsford knew that today would finally be the day that Rainsford would finally feel the thrill of the hunt that General Zaroff had always told him when he first got trapped on the island. Rainsford grabbed his supplies and rifle and set out for the jungle. He had finally found out where the sailor was, and Rainsford thought it was a very intelligent idea that he did not even think of himself. The sailor made a camouflage device that surrounded the area where he was hiding in leaves, branches, and dirt in a square-like shape. When Rainsford spotted it, he applauded the sailor saying that was remarkably wise, but announced that Rainsford had won the game. He shot him down with one shot, but while heading back to the chateau, he heard a very peculiar noise. It sounded like a foghorn, and was getting closer to the beaches of the island. Rainsford ran to the beach and started waving and shouting as high and loud as he could. The boat docked near the island and one figure in the distance hopped off the boat and ran toward Rainsford. It was a figure that Rainsford had recognized, and he knew exactly who it was. It was Whitney.

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