The Night I was Alone

October 10, 2012
It was Thursday, February 12th, 2009. It was a dark and stormy night and all of a sudden I was awaken when the clock struck midnight. It was Friday the 13th with a damp cold chill in the air and I knew that I was home alone thinking to myself, “Oh my window is just open.”

I got up, walked slowly over to my bedroom window, and noticed that my window was closed. I looked out my window and I saw a shadow of a girl with her head cocked to the side and her neck bleeding out.

All of a sudden my window fogged up and then the young girl wrote “Don't go into the woods you will be marking your death.” As she went away I noticed she had no legs! I screamed and closed my blinds.....

I looked up at the clock and pinched myself saying “It’s not real, it’s not real....” Then I tried to go back to sleep. Suddenly I then heard a low guy's voice saying, “Allina, Allina, Allina! I see you over there under your covers in your bed.” I shot up scared and the voice started to get closer and closer. Then I saw the shadow of a man with an ax in the lowest creepiest voice ever said to me, “Do as I say and I will do no harm to you,”

He then grabbed me and I started to float. Then my window and the screen popped out. I was still feeling the horrible cold death air. Suddenly I was floating over the Atlantic Ocean being carried by creepy old guy. I looked down and we were flying over Sleepy Hallow, NY where the Headless Horse Man lives to behead everyone who dares steps into Sleepy Hollow.

I heard the man say, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollows is not just a legend. It is in fact a true story and the headless horseman will behead you if you don’t listen to my directions. Got it missy?”

I looked up at him with the up most fear in my eyes and shook my head in agreement to him. But the truth is that I was so terrified I wet myself. I had no way of telling this creepy old man anything about it since I was so scared I couldn’t say one tiny word. When we landed we were at an old broken down house with no lights or anything to see. With a single tiny pipet sound the lights came on.

“Allina, Allina, Allina; I see you over there with old man Balthazar Thee Great. My child, walk over to the dark old barn. NOW!” I heard with an even lower creepier younger voice.

I then looked up at Balthazar Thee Great for his permission and with a signal nod of the ghostly head he approved. Walking slowly over there I realized who the voice belong to my diseased ex fiance Bravo.
“Bravo, honey you’re alive,” I screamed running towards him only to be greeted with a death star, an ax in his right hand, and an electric saw in the left hand.

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