October 5, 2012
By bailey0414 BRONZE, Castle Rock, Colorado
bailey0414 BRONZE, Castle Rock, Colorado
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I watched him slide down the wall, head in his hands, sobbing softly. Walking towards him, I step on the broken phone, softly crunching the glass under my shoes. “What did she say?” I asked softly, crouching next to him. All I got back from him was more sobs. I sigh and sit next to him, pulling my knees to my chest and placing my head on my knees. “They’re gone, huh?” Already knowing the answer, the room becomes blurry from my tears. He got up, grabbing anything that looked breakable and smashed them to pieces. Glass, wood, pillow feathers, everything went flying in front of me. “They didn’t deserve this,” I whisper, watching as my calf starts bleeding from a stray piece of glass placing itself into my skin. I poked the wound, liking how the physical pain momentarily made me forgot the pain of knowing I’ll never hear their voices again. “He’s so dead,” he says after he’s done wrecking havoc on our bedroom. I look up hesitantly, “there’s nothing to be done. They’re gone. Nothing’s going to bring them back, James.” He slams his hand on the table, making me jump. “We can get justice! They deserve that at the very least!” James pulls at his blonde locks, thinking what to do next. I stand up and limp towards him, the glass preventing me from moving my leg muscles too much. “What’s the point? He’s already killed them anyways,” I state, defeated. I slump on the ground, my leg throbbing, rolling my head back onto our bed behind me. He stares angrily down at me until his gaze softens and he crouches in front of me. “Jess, if he’s caught though, other families won’t have to go through the same thing we’re going through!” “Why?” I ask, “It won’t affect us anyways.” He grabbed my chin forcing me to look him in the eyes, “snap out of it! What’s wrong with you? They were family and you want to let their killer run free? Don’t you want revenge?” I stare into his pleading eyes, trying to get me to see it his way. “Alright,” I say, overwhelmed by the whole situation. He smiles weakly, “then let’s go to the police right now!” I stand up in my pool of blood, swaying a bit as dizziness takes over. “Scratch that we’re going to the hospital first, then to the police,” he says as he puts a supporting arm around my waist. “Do you think we’ll catch him,” I whispered as I limp towards the door. James looks down at me, “Hopefully, Jess, hopefully.”

Our best friends husband was never found after killing her and their two twin baby boys. Actually, he was never found alive. Two years after the murders, his new wife’s son killed him after attempting to murder them. Like people say, what goes around comes around.

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Must read the whole story to understand.

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