The Trust of the Twin Sister

October 3, 2012
By allycat456 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
allycat456 BRONZE, West Chester, Ohio
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The Truth of the Twin Sisters
Twin Sisters are supposed to be like PB and J, but with my sister, I can’t stand her. I try to think that nothing is going on but the secret that lies behind her eyes takes jealousy beyond the level of normal. It all started when I saw the man of my dreams roaming in the hallway. I see him walking away urging myself to get closer to him. Then I see my impossibly fearless sister wondering down past him. They’re glances caught each other with the spark that I’ve always wanted. How can she seem remarkably special and prettier than me if she’s my twin sister?
Lucy attracts all the guys that I have interests in and acts as if it were nothing. Her personality matches the choices she makes with guys. I wanted to know if he had a girlfriend or if she will take him away like the other guys that I secretly had a crush on. I needed to ask her myself after school. I see her trotting in the house after her lacrosse practice. I pace up to her and ask her, “Why was Bradley talking to you in the hallway today?” She looks at me like she had nothing to do with me or Bradley.
She says, “He’s just a guy that I met in my geometry class. Why do you like him?”
I make out a litter snicker and say, “No I don’t I was just wondering if he had a girlfriend?” She gave me a weird look on her face.
Later on that evening I saw the mail sitting on the counter and in the pile sat a big colorful invitation, standing out like a black dog in a white winter snowy day. I grab it and gently open it. It was addressed to Lucy and was an invitation to Bradley’s house on Friday. Why wasn’t I invited? I could at least ask him if I could go. All night I couldn’t fall asleep.
Thinking all day and night about asking him felt heavy on my shoulders and I couldn’t take it anymore. In the middle of the day I try to go to the bathroom in peace. Walking out of the bathroom, I got interrupted seeing Bradley in the hallway all by himself. I tiptoed near him and reached over near his shoulder. I almost tapped his shoulder until I saw my sister gliding down in the hallway and met with him. I needed to know what was going on. I stayed and listened to their conversation. She started asking about homework and the party. Then I saw something that I never knew was possible, I saw them kiss. The whole world kept spinning and I couldn’t keep my thoughts together. Trying to keep my tears away, I try to walk back to class in one peace.
Friday came too quickly. I tried to ignore Lucy for as long as I could. All week thinking about an idea to get him to be mine and away from my sister, overloaded my brain like a crammed suitcase with a broken zipper. With the party tonight, I had to make a move. Her dress arrived today and I know just the plan to get him to be mine.
Lucy coming home from lacrosse practice was the perfect idea to make her run in the trap. I saw the bright yellow car rolling in the driveway. She set her keys down with little force and headed her way upstairs calling my name. I heard the footsteps of a prey going right in the predators trap. She looks puzzled as she walked in.
She says, “Why do you have my dress on?”
I say, “You knew I liked him. I’m not letting you get him this time.”
She laughs and says, “What are you talking about?” I felt the crushing of the lie that was beneath her breathe.
I ask, “When were you going to tell me that you guys were going out?” I made the lion inside of her angry and she was threatening me to take the dress off. I didn’t know what to do. I’m tired of this lion taking control of the pack. I want him to be mine. Mine. MINE! I pull her by the closet and say, “I’m not letting you ruin this night for me.” I push her in the closet and shut the door. I pulled the one hundred pound dresser in front of the door so she wouldn’t get out. Afterwards I went to the bathroom and put Lucy’s makeup and pulled my hair up like hers. I glanced in the mirror. I was finally her. Hearing the screams behind me, I closed the door and locked it. I turned off all the lights in the house, thinking that nobody would find her.
I parked in a long driveway with millions of cars parked on each side. Hearing the big bass in the background I knew I was in the right place. I saw Bradley out near the door talking to people and waved at me when he noticed me. He asks, “Hey do you want to go somewhere private?” I knew what that meant and it made my heart pound even louder. He brought me to his old pickup truck and closed the door. We start to make out. I loved the way his body felt next to mine. He was mine. I heard the phone in his pocket. My thoughts went flying all around my head. My hands started to shake and my mouth started to get dry. He answered the phone. It became quiet all a sudden. He hung up the phone slowly. I saw his eyes meet mine and he took his arm and opened the door behind me. Then a push so forcefully, I fell out of the car and he drove away.
I run to my car with the feeling of the whole entire world collapsing around me. I follow his car as he drives to our house. I didn’t want this to happen. All I wanted was to have the man of my dreams. Did I go too far or I will end up in a mental institution? Pulling up to the parking lot with the house keys by my side I got up to the door to see it broken open and hearing sobs, seeing him sitting next to my sister with the closet door open. What just happened? I walk back in the car ready to drive away forever. I heard the door slam in the distance and a scream that pounded into my ear and was so loud it could break all the windows in the city. Lucy screams, “I will never forgive you.”

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