September 23, 2012
By Melanie_Rose GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
Melanie_Rose GOLD, Easley, South Carolina
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“I’m selfish, impatient, and insecure. I make mistakes. I am out of control and at times, hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”
- Marilyn Monroe

She cried. . . all the time. Her eyes were like fountains, forever flowing. He left without reason, no kiss goodbye. He left her feeling as she did before, worthless and alone. He'd pulled her out of that dark pit, why would he push her back in? The monsters that were after her in her past, the ones she'd locked i a cage in the back of her mind, were after her again. Faster, stronger, meaner than before. They'd taken is voice, were screaming her deepest insecurities through the mouth that would hurt the most. HIS.
"Fat. Ugly. Worthless. Nothing. Forgotten. Unloved." All hissing in unison over and over. She felt as though her heart may collapse, as if they were ripping it out of her. She thought she was done, for the darkness of terror, sadness and horror was surely going to swallow her completely. For he was her light, the only thing that chased the shadows away.
Now they were slithering, creeping up the walls of her mind. Scratching her confidence away with their horrific claws. And if that wasn't enough they were replaying her most precious memories. Like a clip show that's forever going. The last bit of composure burst out of her.
Her last shred of happiness had been torn out of her. These memories that used to cause her so much joy, were now the only sign of who she used to be. Were now trying to kill her with the shock that it would never happen again.
The shadows zoomed around her mind, consumed her very being. She had to let them escape! She screamed, she opened her mouth and the shadows poured out.
They raced from wall to wall, hissing louder and louder the insecurities, the fears, the memories. On the memories flashed of every touch, every kiss.
The darkness surrounded her. Swallowed her in its black mouth. There was no escape now, not from the darkness, the shadows, the truth. He was gone, didn't want her, didn't care. She was alone, forced back into her own dark abyss.
The only thing she had now were the scars. The shadows from her past each had its own personal mark on her body. She saw no way out, no reason to want out. She had nothing. . . was nothing.
Then, that noise. The squeak of a rusty hinge being opened. Slowly groaning against the years of no use. Then a crack of light shot through the room. Growing bigger and brighter, shooting every shadow with a burst of light.
Now the door was completely open. In front of her was a sight so beautiful, her scream caught in her throat.
At first she thought he'd come back for her. But walked through the door wasn't him, that would be an understatement to the handsome man in front of her. His big blue eyes felt as if the were looking into her soul. As e stepped into the room his light chased every shadow there was away. Now before her was a world that seemed unknown, filled with such light and happiness. She sat curled up on her mattress in the corner. He came closer, and he smiled. She gasped at the beauty. Of how his smile had chased every tear, shadow and fear away.
He took her frail hands in his calming ones, and pulled her to her feet. Slowly lifting her arms that bared every scar from her past. She stared at him in awe as he kissed every last mark. She could feel his warmth tingling on her skin. He took her by her waist and so delicately lifted her head to look at him. The light that shined from them much brighter than all of the others. His light was pure, sweet, try. "So beautiful." He whispered, and for the first time a true smile spread across her delicate features, and he greatly laid his smile on hers.

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