Death Upon Myself

September 27, 2012
By Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
Summerrain GOLD, Coldwater, Michigan
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you have to live life forwards, but you can only understand it backwards.

Ever think of the way your destined to die?
what if your that person, as you lie in your soft cozy casket
people stop and ask, how did they die? And the simple answer
of, " he or she" was sick, they couldn't be saved, was thrown out there.
Out of all the ways in the world to die, or be killed, you got sick. Like
yea it may have been more peaceful but if your going to die might as
well make it worth a story right? well this is a story of how i would want to die.

I'm walking softly down the side walk on this warm Autumn day, as the leaves swiftly sore down upon the ground around me, the wind easily moves past me blowing my hair in that way that just makes you feel so amazing. With every step small leaves crumble below my feet. I love this feeling, being alone, makes life seem so peaceful and wonderful, its one of them days i just want to sit down by the lovely old willow, and let the breeze blow my thoughts on past. I lean my head slowly back and rest upon the tree i close my eyes and listen to the sound of the birds and squirrels playing in the fall colors. I soon drift into a soundless sleep for what it feels like to be only a few minutes, its been hours. I now wake from my slumber, its dark and a bit chili. I slide my hoodie on over my arms. And now i start to head home, but then i realize, hmm where is home? its far to dark for me to see, so i try to remember my steps. I then suddenly hear a wrestle in the leaves in a distance behind me. As goosebumps start to appear on my skin, i shuffle faster in a steady direction. The sounds are getting closer, my heart starts pounding so hard, and fast, its pounds sound as if a drummer boy is marching next to me. My mind starts racing, the foot steps are getting closer. Caught up in my Imagination i suddenly realize the sounds are gone, its quiet, dead silence, oddly sound it is, i turn around with a flash of a twist just in time to be caught dead staring into the eyes of a hooded man. His eyes glowed a yellow black in the moon light above, but that's all i can see. scared to make eye contact with him i look down just to see the glimmer of a reflection in his hand, a blade he hold, a knife maybe? yes, he has a knife placed firmly in his tight grip. around his foot print is a red shine, blood, where or who had this blood belonged to? and am i next i thought. I take a sudden step back as a twig snaps under my heel. He grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me close, I'm shaking so much now as fear runs through my whole body. He raises the blade and pierces it right into my side and drops me. I got to run but of course i trip, on a rock, He then Grabs my ankles and drags me to the grass aside. He then wraps a hard thick rope around my legs, i kan feel the bruises on my ankles form. He hammers Ice picks through my palms so I'm now stuck to the ground. I let out screams and tears, but no one comes, no one is going to help me. He kicks me in the side of my jaw, i could hear my bones crunch and crack. As a weird taste appears in my mouth i let my spit roll down my face, thick and red, my blood oozes from my body. He forcefully stabs his knife into my stomach, slowly sliding it down my body he rips me open. The pain is unbearable, i scream louder then ever as he reaches his hands deep into my body. Breaking my ribs. my body comes to a numb. As the grass around my fills with blood, he pulls out his hand and hold up to my face, my beating heart, still pounding its last beats, i glance at it as my eyes slowly shut into a forever sleep. And now that Is how i would want my death.

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on Oct. 26 2012 at 12:33 pm
musicgirl1998 GOLD, Littleton, Colorado
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You don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note.

Whoa. Your description is chilling. Excellent job.

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