September 27, 2012
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"Don't touch me!" I yell clinching my fists in-wards.
"Why Grace? It's just a game you like games!" He yelled back nursling his face into my neck, I sequel. Closing my eyes and squinting my nose.
"What's wrong..." he said almost calmly; taking a sweet gentle gustier. "WHAT'S WRONG GRACE! YOU LIKE GAMES!!" He yelled in my ear, grasping my throat. Struggling to breath. Hitting, biting, clawing my way out. I use to be a free living teenage girl, who rides her bike, goes to the gym, hang out with friends, goes to the mall and crazy about that one guy. That one boy, who's thought dwells upon you'r head while laying down, who you can not stop thinking about, this is how I was entrapped in a prison, my own mental and physical prison.

Chapter One-Abducted
Hi my name is Grace Cunsworth, I live in 2469 Maple Turns Lane, Wyoming. Before I was abducted. I was a normal teenager, I remember the day too, the day I was stripped of my freedom all in an instant, I remember it perfectly...I almost woke up late that morning for school-That cold rainy, wet and foggy morning when I lost everything. I recall stressing over what to wear, I was throwing clothes from my closet I felt the cotton touching my hand and leaving it all in a single swoop. Fianlly after gutting my closet I walked over and threw over a swear shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. The hoodie was my friends, gray and dull but smelt like him and that's all i cared about. Sliding on clogs I went running to my bus stop, on my way I kissed mom and dad and Kyle- my brother, all goodbye and yelling, "I love you!" before slamming that thick oak wood door.

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