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September 27, 2012
By MinkWinsor BRONZE, Ephraim, Utah
MinkWinsor BRONZE, Ephraim, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"Do you often talk to yourself?" -Friend
"Only when I'm around other people." -Me

They say sharks only circled in water, but that wasn't true. I saw a shark circling right outside the library window. Not a real shark, of course. Just one of those black vans with the tinted windows. My window I read in was facing the window. I heard a rumble in the black parking lot, and looked up. Almost no one parked there, as the front of the library was so much easier to get to. It was the van, and it had no intention of parking. I almost thought it did, as it stopped for a second by a little blue car, but then it picked up speed again and bumped slowly out of the parking lot.

Then it was back. I checked my watch, realizing only a minute had passed. It stopped for a second at the blue car, and then moved on.

And then came back. I followed its path this time, casually strolling around the library. It would move from the back parking lot, then slowly to the front, and then... out onto the road?

No, it made a u-turn. It was coming back. It turned onto another road towards the back parking lot, and as I followed it, bumping into several people because I wasn't watching, checked the blue car again. This time, it stopped for even longer and a man got out, dressed in a black jacket and gloves. He peeked through each window of the car, but didn't try and get in. Instead, he headed for the library, waving to the black van which then took off.

Then he was inside. I stared at him, and then he spotted me.

He began to walk towards me. I froze in terror. Who was he? What did he want with that blue car? I had nothing to do with that car!

He came closer.


And then he walked right past.
The man moved to a librarian. He asked her, “Is the head librarian here today?”

“Well, no.” The librarian answered, puzzled, “But why do you need him? I can help you.”

“His car is parked outside.” The man said.
The librarian looked even more confused, “But he isn't here.”

“He has to be.” The man said.

“No... what? How do you know what kind of car he drives, anyway? Are you the police?”

“I wish.” The man muttered, and turned around. He announced loudly to the entire library, “I'll give fifty dollars to whoever can tell me where the head librarian is. I need to speak to him.”

The library was deadly quiet. The man adjusted his jacket and took several steps to the counter, pointing his finger at the counter and demanding from the lady in front of him, “So when'll he be back?”

“Well, I don't quite-”

“Yes.” The man cut across, “I think you do. And nobody wants to tell me anything around here. I'm entitled to talk to him, aren't I? Or is he so important I have to get an appointment?”

“Do you?” A voice cut from across the room, “I'm actually free all day today, really.”

Another man, in a business suit, had just opened a door marked 'Employees Only'. The man in the black jacket turned, “I've been trying to talk to you, but you seem to be avoiding me. Not a smart idea. Pleased to meet you.” He extended a hand slowly, like he was pulling a blade.

“Keith Hartson. Pleased to meet you too.” Keith put out his hand to shake, but the man in black's hand wasn't there anymore. It was in his pocket.

“Keith?” He asked.

“Hartson.” Keith added.

“Ah.” The man looked down, then up again, “I'm afraid there's been a mistake. Good day to you.”

“Good day.” Keith said, as the man was suddenly out the door. The black van seemed to materialize out of the street, and he was gone before I could even ask his name.

“I don't like him.” I muttered.

“I think he was looking for my brother.”

I jumped, noticing Keith right behind me, “Brother?”

“I borrowed his car today.” Keith grinned, “It needed to be washed, if you know what I mean.”

“I hope I never do.”

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