Her Heart

September 25, 2012
The blood dripped from her bleeding wrist dying the water to blood red. The bath tub was big enough to fit her small fragile body. She hadn’t eaten for weeks except a little bite here or there. Before she had stopped eating her mother called her fat. She knew that she wasn’t but she wanted her mom to be proud of her for once. The blood dripped from her left wrist and the knife lay in her left hand and her head tilted back. The vein was clearly cut accidentally or not, her heart was falling. Her mom’s boyfriend came in just as he always did when she was in the bath. He had been raping her since he started dating her mom. He said if she told her mom he would kill her and her mom.
Her mom’s boyfriend didn’t know what to do seeing her trying to breathe in slowly. He knew his DNA would probably be on her from the night before and he couldn’t risk her mother knowing what he was doing. He let her heart fail completely. She exhaled her last breath and her body grew still. He knew her mom worked around this time of day. He checked outside there trailer park to see if anyone was outside. There was no one. Her frail body slipped right into his arms. She was lifted from the bath tub to the whole in the ground that he dug for her. Sadly to make space he had to cut up parts of her body. He’d typed a fake letter about her running away. Her mom believed it and didn’t care. What her mom didn’t know is every time she came outside to get in her car she’d stepped on the heart of her baby girl.

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