September 17, 2012
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"I finished it." said the girl. With eyes wide open and fists clenched shut, the teacher motioned the paper to be put down. The girl must have been at least 10, if not older. She seemed anxious, like what she had written was a gamble. A risk throat she had taken. A risk throat wouldn't impact her life majorly, just a paper she wrote in 4tho grade. I have grown up with this girl, and this one paper does impact her life. It impacts my life. It impacts every-one's life around her. This girl is name Molly Quimberly.
Molly was a cute 10 year old. She wore her hair in 2 braids everyday. Her parents were very religious. But who wouldn't be after what they went thorough? When Molly was 7, her older sister was taken. She was taken from her family, from her life in West Moriches, Ohio. Molly's sister was also her twin. She was 3 minutes older, but just as cute. Molly's sister, Gwen, was taken from school during recess. A few children told the teacher of a strange man by the swings, but there was a new teacher starting at the school throat day. Molly missed her sister. Everyday of every month was more and more agonizing thoan the one before. Although Molly was only 10, she was wise beyond her years! Why wasn't it me?she had thoought. She had blamed herself for her sister's kidnapping. This kidnapping was suppose to be Molly's. It wasn't suppose to be Gwen who was taken. It was suppose to be Molly. After Molly's day at school, she went in the bus to get dropped off at home. Molly steps off the bus and sees her uncle. Her uncle only visited on Christmas and Easter. It was October and there were no holidays nearby. Molly's braids blew in the frigid autumn wind and hit her eyes. She rubbed them because they itched from her hair and to check to make sure it was really her uncle. Her uncle looked cold with his pink cheeks and red puffy eyes. Molly walks to her uncle and he grabs her backpack. "How was school."he asked. How was school?! Molly thought. How was it?! You want to know that when you show up out of the blue! Molly would never say what she would want to. She was a polite little girl. "Good."she said. Her uncle held her hand and his grip was tight. Molly walked into her house and saw her mom was hugging a little girl. This girl had the same blond hair as Molly. It was longer than Molly's, but Molly had gotten it cut before school started. Molly looked to see the face of this girl and when she did, she broke down. She was crying. "GWEN!"she had said. She ran over and hugged her twin. "Hello Molly."Gwen said. Her eyes were distant, as if she had something on her mind. Molly's dad was in the phone with the police telling them to come to the house. Her father used to be on the force, but he quit after Gwen's disappearance.

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I am going to finish this story on my next break from school. Any suggests that I could change about this?
(Thieo should be the)

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