The Riddler's Curse Series

September 17, 2012
By SoleilSocrates BRONZE, Calgary, Alabama
SoleilSocrates BRONZE, Calgary, Alabama
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Favorite Quote:
"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothing is going to get better. It's not." -The Lorax

Story 1: The Coffee Shop (Jana will have this ~ , and Riddle shall have ^ that, when they speak. If you are confuse it will make more sense later one.)


~"So what made you come over here, and sit down across from me, With a hot mug in your hand?"

^When you sit in a cafe like we are now, what do you hear?

~"People making coffee?"

^It doesn't have to do with the mouth, and yet it does.

~"Ah, so you came here to talk?”


~“About what?”

^My ears heard a voice that came from your mouth,To the pouring boy.
It’s a question, a question that I have knowledge of.

But I won’t give it to you easily.

Chapter Notes: this is the setting at present.

Chapter 3: Who Are They?
~"Alright. In the simplest way possible, tell me your name?"

^Read the words from right to left,
and you’ll have my answer:

.mine know shall you, name your have I once.

~"It's Jana."

^My name starts with R and ends in iddle.

~“Riddle is an interesting name.”

^Thank you.
But your hands are shaking,
Your heart is racing,
And your legs will shake next.
What feeling is this?
And why do you express this emotion?


^Yes. However that is only one.
What is the other answer I seek?

~“Your other answer is something that I don’t want to talk about.”

^Alright, here is something to ease your troubled mind:
I am on shapes, and people see me.
People ask this frequently:
"What's your favourite___?"
It has a C and L with three
letters missing.
If you can find the question, answer it.

^Still trying to find the missing letters?

~”Yes, and I am usually good at these too.”

^I can tell.
I'll give you a hint:
The second last letter in the word “Letters,”
Is at the end of the word you are looking for.

~"Ah, what’s your Favourite Color?"


~"If I could choose any color, it would have to be blue. And yours?"

^It’s ever changing like the weather above.
Since the chairs and tables are
the same color as dark soil,
That is when I am happy.
Since the walls are the same colors
as the sky and clouds,
That is when I am sad.
Since the outfits of the waiter and
waitresses match the night sky,
That is when I am protective, for
reasons I cannot share.

~“So let me get this straight,
Brown is when you’re happy, blue and white are when you’re sad,
And navy or black is when you are protective?”


~“Why can’t you share the reasons you’re protective?
I would love to know.”

^Your mind thinks, how you would feel about what you want to know.
But your mind only knows what it’s told. With that said, I shall riddle you this:
What is clear, that you cannot see?
Which only makes you fear,
The unseen…
I know the answer, and that is your reply.

~“And how do you feel about this, your answer?”

^My dear,
Be careful what you ask or the horrors will come at last.

~“Thanks for the warning; I guess we can skip that question. But here’s another: Why do you speak in riddles?”

^Fine.I shall riddle you this:
Who am I?
What have I seen?
What did they do to keep it hidden from me
Me? No, not me...
Everyone that can see,
that can hear far and near
Now I am the only one who is cursed,
Cannot speak without riddling things.

~“Oh, so it’s a curse that makes you speak like this.
Thanks. Um… I have to go now; I hope we can meet agai-”

^I wouldn’t do this:
I stand up and walk,
To a door that is not locked.
If that is what your planning on

~“If you are implying that I shouldn’t run away, I am not going to listen.”


~“I work for the newspaper which I assume you already know, and they told me:
‘That once you figure out the reason he speaks in riddles, to leave.’
I wasn’t too happy with them when they told me that.
To be honest, I want to stay and chat.”

^Your boss is a smart man to send a beautiful young lady, To question a young man like me. However you should do what you want. You don’t have a choice.If you go,they will be sure to follow, So I suggest you listen.

~“Alright, I’ll sit back down…only if you promise me something?”

^My answer is this:
It’s another word for Differ,
For what you ask.

~“So depending on what my favor is, you’ll do it?”


~“Okay. You have to answer every question I ask, or I leave. Also, I promise your answer won’t be published in the newspaper.”

^If you leave, it would be worse than if you stay,So my answer would be the following:
It has a S at the end with a Y at
the beginning.

~“Yes! Okay, riddle me this: Why do you look so unhappy?”

^My dear, you’re beautiful,
and this is what I don’t want to happen to you:
Damaged done by the rain,
But if you place the word that
starts R With you, and “by the”
with “to”.

~“Why don’t you want damage done to me?”

^It is rare to feel what is below:
Your presence is another word for,

~“Thanks, I’m flattered, but who are they? You keep talking about them.”

^You say you’re a journalist, so you should know the three stories.
They are bonded like brothers, like worlds, like lovers.
But “They” has two meanings.
One starts with S and the other starts with T.

~“If you mean the stories, as in the three people that went missing, then
They are both connected.”

~“Oh crap.”

^My dear,
Ignore what I have said, but secretly listen, there is a lot of stuff that you have been missing.

~“So everything you just said was a lie?”

^Think again.
Secretly listen.

~“Riddle Me This then, what are they going to do to me now?”

^They will simply not touch you,
For this what we are going to do:
Run, run, run as fast you can,
To the little house of the bearded

~“Great, so I am getting kidnapped. Or are we running away?”

^The one after “or” is correct.
That is our answer, to another word
for issue. Now listen close, this is a warning for you:
If you see things that shouldn't be
there, be scared and be aware.

~“Thanks again for the warning, but do you know this person? Or are you just spitting out solutions, to this problem I unknowingly created?”

^The first question is a yes, the last one is the opposite.

~“Oh. Should I be frightened? Or should I trust you on this one?”

^What you chose is up to you,
But think about this:
The only reason why you are in this mess in the first place, is because of me.
So would you trust the Villain, or The Liar? If The Liars me.

~“I would choose the liar, since he is the one who knows where we are going.”

You shouldn’t,
And as to why,
I cannot say.

The author's comments:
If you are reading this, it tells me you are still interested, but I shall warn you before we begin. You must lock your doors and windows, it would be ashame if you ended up worse them me.
!! I would like to inform you that this is a short stories series. At the beginning of each story there shall be a riddle for you to solve through out.

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