High School Lovers tragedy.

September 16, 2012
By April Manning SILVER, San Diego, California
April Manning SILVER, San Diego, California
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It was a dark stormy night the thunder was banging against the satilight Jamie was all alone in the living room. Watching creep show when she heard a thunderouse knock at the door. Jamie egnord the knock until she saw a glare on the screen of her TV of a recognizable face.
Uh it all in my head Jamie said. She ignored it agene. 10 seconds later she heard another thunderous knock but this time with ferrous a voice.
“Let me in let me in Jamie.
Jamie stude up and walks up to the door who is it Jamie said in a nervous voice.
“Let me in now.
It was a voice that Jamie knows heard it before.
“Who is it Jamie repeated. While walking to the door.
“Let me in Jamie the drunken man yelled banging thunderous at the door.
“Not until you tell me your name. Jamie said.
The drunken man kicks the door. Jamie looks out the window. Jamie and the drunken man eyes attaché eyes. The drunken man yelled louder and kicks harder. Jamie fell to the grounded dramatically she Schacht her way out of the window.
“Oh oh oh no this couldn’t be. Jamie looks through the peep hole on the door once more.
“Let me in the drunken man keep repeating. Kicking the door to where Jamie could feel the vibration from the kicking of the door. A loud thunder hit the sati light. All light turned off in the big empty house.
Jamie no longer felt the kicking of the door. She no longer heard the drunken man yelling.
“Oh soot another blackout Jamie said nervously. What that is he gone. Jamie stud up. The sound of glass shattering struck the empty house. Jamie ran in a dark, large room silence of the house.
“Ouch what is that? Jamie grabbed her foot. A piece of glass Jamie said comfushly. What is this doing here? Jamie stops and looks around her. Jamie grabbed her mouth. She had seen the window shattered in pieces. Jamie stops in her footsteps. Jamie turns her head. A man had walks into the deem moonlight. Another thunder struck turn apron the satilight the TV on. The light flickered on and off.
“Oh gabbed what are you doing here? Jamie looks at gabbed agene. Why are you drencht in blood.
“Jamie backs up. Gabbed I haven’t seen you since we brick up haws life. Gabbed grabbed Jamie by the waste.
“Life sucks without you we where together for high school. We were going to get married. I wanted to married you.did you want to marrie me. a silence struk apon the house. gabben procedid to speack.
"I through you loved me Jamie. The most hurtful thing you did to me was when you Brock up with me before our prom night, and you when with my best friend. I love you. I want to be with you. Don’t you want to be with me gabbed said in a threading voice?
“No I don’t I am sorry. I know I told you that I love you but I lied. I didn’t all thoses years we where together I cheated on you. I didn’t want to break your heart that why I broke up with you. I wasn’t the only one lying your best friend was to us where together when we were. I am sorry Jamie said.“You what you cheated on me with my best friend. I loved you. I through you loved me. Thiers no you without me and there’s no me without you. I want to die with you Jamie I know somewhere in your heart you feel the same way gabbed said.
“No I don’t let me go please cried Jamie.
“No where going to die together where good together gabbed said. Gabbed put the knife up top jamies neck.
“No no please don’t I am not ready to die. Please let me live. Gabbed put the knife closer to her neck.
“No where together forever do you remember when we were 16 and we cut our rest and mix or blood together. Gabbed lied the knife down and grabbed jimmies hand and pulled her close I love you. “Dance with me for the last time Jamie. Gabbed lied his head on Jamie shoulder and kiss her neck.
“No go away. Jamie push gabbed away. jamie ran ito the liveing room.
“Comeback Jamie. Gabbed picks up the knife. I love you and I want us to be together. I am going to show you I love you. Jamie ran. Gabbed ran after Jamie. jamie disapreard into the dark.
“Jamie where are you where you at Jamie gabbed said.
“Jamie hid in the coet closet and coverd her mouth
“Jamie where are you I want to be with you please come out. Gabbed looks down and saw bloody foot steps leading to the closet. Nock nock I know you’re in the closet Jamie. Come out of their gabbed said.
“No no why would you try to kill me the person you said you love Jamie said nervously.
“I do love you that why I want you to die with me. So we could be together forever. Gabbed kicks the closet door. “Stop stop please stop I don’t want to die Jamie said. The doorbell rang.
“Who could this be uh is it your boyfriend. You’re going to have to come out sometime. Gabbed sat by the closet door.
“Please let me go please gabbed. The doorbell rang agene. Whatever you do don’t answer the door Jamie cried.
“Really who is it Jamie is that randy your boyfriend gabbed said.
“No any it isn’t please going away Jamie said.
“Gabbed kick the door open grabbed Jamie let’s see who it is. Gabbed drudge her violently by her arm.
“Please don’t open the door please Jamie cried. Gabbed opened the door and saw randy.
“What are you doing here randy you hear to be with Jamie well to late she’s mind. Gabbed closed the door. Now you’re all mine. Gabbed grabbed the knife and put the knife up to jimmies neck and gently sliced jimmies neck.
“I don’t want to hurt you Jamie I just want to be with you forever. I love you gabbed said.
The door opened leave her alone gabbed get over her she’s mine randy said.
First of all you stolid her from me you too the only thing I had and used her. You treated her like a dog when she should have been treated like a porcelain dell. Gabbed when dapper into jime neck with the knife. Gabon licks the blood off jimmies neck. Jamie falls on the floor. Now it my turn gabbed said.
“Your right it is your time randy grabbed his gun.
“If you kill me ill still be with Jamie if you don’t I will kill myself and still be with Jamie. Randy pulled the trigger and shoot gabbed with one built. I didn’t love her anyways

The author's comments:
one of my first storys i wrote

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