The Real Me

September 14, 2012
By gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
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When I moved in, I was the new girl in town, and I was undefined as a young adult. I had two younger brothers and a baby sister on the way.

Well, I have to say, I hate my step dad; , he is annoying. I really miss my real dad, but he died in the war when I was seven in the war. I thinking of him a lot because of the town I am moving into looks like the town he and I used to go to visit. So it really sucks, that I miss him so much. While sitting in this car, looking out the window, I see all these teens walking around, laughing, and playing. We pull up to this light blue house, with a little white picket fence, and an in-ground pool in the back yard. I get out to fixing my black boots and tights. I help unload the car, and help the boys unpack their bags. Set up my room, and it becomes very medieval looking. Change my clothing into a pair of old, baggie sweat pants, and a sports bra. I jog around the block with my iPod, just playing a song “Work Hard Play Hard”. When I see the sign for of the town, I realize this is the actually the town my dad did take me to. Behind me, I suddenly hear a very familiar voice from the past, calling out “Amanda Rose”.

I turn around to see. He was a tall slender man, with dark hair, and green eyes. I noticed him right away, running up to him wrapping my arms around him.

”Jake!” I said.

He smiled at me. “Amanda, you’ve grow up so much! How are you, baby girl? .”
I replied, “I am great! We just moved here. What have you been doing lately? I’ve missed you so much.”

He tightened s the grip on the hug, saying, “You know, biking and taking care my family. I’ve missed you so much too.”

We both started jogging, and he led me to an old ice cream parlor. We sat in the back corner, where there was a booth that had red seats, and a dark brown table. We sat across from each other. I heard an old voice; it sounded like my father’s. My mood had changed so much, I found myself crying some warm, salty liquid from my eyes. Jake came and sat next to me, holding me in his arms. It felt as if I had a huge teddy bear’s arms around me. I felt ever so safe. He kissed me on my lips, and smiled. I felt so comforted with him, knowing he’d never would leave me. We sat sipping on our milkshakes. When we got up to leave, walking by the counter, there was a man. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, light tan, and a few tattoos. Just like my father. I heard people whispering, but I still left. Jake looked back at the man, giving him a sign or something like that.

The man with blond hair thought to himself, “How hard it is to seem as if I am dead. I really miss my daughter.”
Jake wrapped his arms around me, watching the other people smiling and laughing. Jake walked me to my room and sat on the bed. I sat in my new bay window.

Jake was thinking to himself, “How can I help her find the truth about her father?” As he looks around the room, he sees a very sad, depressed girl hidden in her décor.

Jake walked over to me , “What if we can find your father?

I was puzzled. “What do you mean? He’s dead! Isn’t he?”

Jake went to walk away from me, but I grabbed his arm. Looking at him as Amanda should already know he is not dead. She looks into a hided, compartment in the floor pulling out box that contained pictures, letters, and pack of smokes, some home movies, and a bottle of his favorite after shave. When she looked at those objects, she noticed something odd about that man if the dinner. Then she looked at a picture, and though of that guy in the dinner. Then lets out a scream he is not he is not dead! He is not dead!

She looks in her bag of clothing of the old white lace dress; it looks like it belongs on a doll, so I guess I am the doll now. Looking in the mirror and old picture of him and me when I wore this dress. It is just a tad short now, but I put my makeup on, and pull my long black hair up. Maybe I look like such a real doll; all someone needs to do is shrink me and put me on a shelf. So many people can see me Amada thinks to herself. As Amanda slides her little white shoes, and notices a weird feeling in her one shoe. Sliding her one shoe, to see a flash drive in it, and took it out on it was a code. So she grabs her laptop and sits on the be. As she puts the flash drive in, seeing a secret government planes, as she types in the password unknowing it, but she knew her father very well. Seeing planes for the army, about an undercover mission, Sees her fathers under cover look, and then hides the flash drive in the box under the floor panels.

Tossing her long white coat on, walking out the house with Jake, and Amanda’s mom stops her, seeing her daughter looking like an angle, for the first time in years. Her mother did not even notice that she had the old white dress that her father got her on. They start walking down the street, seeing her father walking a head of them, so they start trailing him. As they show up to an old brick, house that looked like it, used to hide all the vampires, if they were real. The garden had tons of brown crunchy leafs, the garden was unwelcoming look, I saw my father walking towards an old black creaky door. Jake and me slide in fast before the door shut, as we walked up the stairs making a squeaking as we walk up them, then unaware , she was about to walk into her father’s chest. . Then Amanda and Jake looked up at him, seeing his dark blue eyes, and black short hair.

“Jake” the man’s ton deepened

“Yes sir”

“You may leave use so I may talk to my daughter.”

“As you wish sir”

As Amanda’s father walks over to her, “Are you mad?” he whispers
She looks at him, fawns, and holds back the warm wet salty tears fall down from her eyes. He wraps his arms wrap around Amanda. Then they all sit in a black room full with mini TVs, over watching the town. As Amanda watches, some other guys come in, as she looks at a screen, noticing this one guy in all black from head until toe. Amanda zoomed in on the screen noticing a little bit of blood on his clothing. She looks over at her father.

She stands alongside her father jotting down notes about the guy. Then hears her father explain why they are after him, Amanda hears him say the man is a killer; he has killed three families and few kids. However, no reason why that we can figure out yet.

Her father puts his arms around Jake & Amanda looking at the two of them, telling, “Them I am driving you both home.”

As a black pickup pulls up in the driveway, Amanda’s mother rushes over, and got her daughter out of the truck. When the mother looks at the driver, her ton gets loud at her daughter. Her daughter grabs Jake and heads to her room. They look out the window seeing her father and mother yelling. Therefore, Amanda walk to her door locking it, making her bed look like two people were asleep as her & Jake climb out the window. Rushing fast to the truck, on the corner sliding in, and her dad looks at them, and gives them the look if she finds out we are all dead. They get back to the house, looking at old info that his daughter has on her computer, and then starts to find a connection with all the murders. Then they start to see that he’s targeting, families who have lost love ones, or runaway children. So the daughter came up with an idea on how to catch the guy. So they planned to send away her mother, step father, and brothers away until they get the murder. They sent them to New York City for two weeks. As she persuaded them to let her stay home and let, them have time to bond.

She helped them pack for New York City, and watches them drive down the road. When she calls her father to inform that they left, so after she called him, two black trucks pulled up in the driveway. Then everyone got out of the trucks. They handed her an old beat up bag,, some old destroyed clothing, fixed her makeup. They also gave her some fake papers calming she was someone else, for her protection, and they made her walk to the park and look like a runaway.
Amanda sat on an old, rusty, cold park bench. She had to make it look and feel so real. Holding an old picture, forcing herself to cry. A man in all black walked over and sat next to her. he look at her seeing tears running down Amanda face, in old beat up raggedy clothing, and he noticed a picture in her hand. He took her hand, and wrapped his arms around him.

“Don’t cries miss your very beautiful.”

“You don’t know me, you only see a fifth teen year old runaway, who shouldn’t be out her on her own.”

“Well you shouldn’t you’re so young, so join me, I’ll keep you safe.”

Amanda looks over at him; well I so want someone to keep me safe.” putting her hands on him secretly hand cuffing him to bench as you hear the hand cuffs clench the metal bench. He looks over at her, with a surprise look upon his face, and then starts yelling, “you’re a liar, if I get out of this, I’ll kill you.”

She stands back looks at him, starts laughing, and blurts out what makes you think you’re getting out, your one of America’s most wanted.” Then Amanda’s father hugs her, while the other guys finish hand cuffing him. Jake walks over lifts her in the air, spinning her and kisses her soft pink lips. Then on the news she was seen with her father, and Jake her new boyfriend. Her mother, stepfather, and brothers all watched the breaking news in time square New York City. Amanda moved out and went to live with her real father, who really loves her, and Jake moved in as well. So her mother hated it but it didn’t matter to Amanda, she was with the ones she loves, and don’t want to leave her family now. At least her real family in her eyes…

The end

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