September 10, 2012
By Anonymous

There was a little girl named Lucy. She was scared of the “monsters” in her closet. She was afraid they would come out and eat her in the night when everyone was asleep. So she would make sure her dresser was pushed up against the door. Well one night, she forgot. She heard quiet footsteps on the floor. At first, she thought it was her mom. Then, she realized it hadn’t been her. She was scared. She tried to tell her mom, but her mom just laughed. Her mom said, “ Lucy it’s just your imagination, nothings in your closet.” So that night when she went to bed she keep repeating in her head, “it’s just my imagination, it’s just my imagination.” As she was repeating it she heard the noises. She tried to sleep but couldn’t. Lucy got out of bed and went to the closet. She said, “Whatever is in here has been scaring me and I want to see what it is.” So she opens the door, and sure enough there was something sitting at the closet door. It took her into the closet and Lucy hasn’t been seen since then.

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