September 1, 2012
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The scream echoed in my ears, the shout of a thousand demons calling from the heinous hells. Darkness embraced me with its terrible sin as I felt like a paranoid insect wrapped into a cocoon of insanity. He stole the job of the angel of death as his eyes scanned their surroundings. The memory rewinded and replayed in my mind as, I, once again witnessed him rip out their souls. He surveyed the area with his dark eyes for helpless lives. My life was cut in the middle, between life and death, a constant presence lingering in the air. It was all because of him, I lay,hung, between heaven and hell.

His smile struck with deadly aim, as I see their souls trickling from their eyes, like a long-stemmed cigar. It swirled around, a lost creature in the woods, the woods of life. It was captured by him, kept somewhere or someplace, resting in peace, or so I thought. His favourite part, was to creep up on a child, hanging between life and death, depending on the machines. He would slowly and brutally yank out their soul, ruthlessly, leaving the doctors in despair. Many have searched far and wide for him, but he remains hidden in the shadows. He looks for new victims, he watches out for anyone, so do not end up like me, venerable.

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