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Blood rush Part Three

August 31, 2012
By katielouisew97 SILVER, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Other
katielouisew97 SILVER, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Other
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“Alice!” the stern and wolfish-though not necessarily unattractive looking man yelled as he plummeted down the great wooden panel (that seemed to block off some sort of entrance) to the ground with an aggressive manner, kicking it with his large hefty buckled up, grey trekking boots that were splattered in patches of damp mud and what appeared to be blood.

There was no reply. The cabin was silent.

“Alice!” he howled and kicked at the furniture in a sudden spark of deadly rage, a glimmer of malevolence in his eye as he smashed and tore at whatever he could see surrounding him breaking pots and ornaments and all sorts of objects into smithereens; this man was evil. About as pure as hell.

“Argh!” he stormed off into the sinister hours of darkness across the murky, overgrown mass of grass towards the somehow alluring, although almost haunted looking forest. In a certain way, it seemed as if this man was made for the forest itself; he was tall and sturdy like the mass of trees, wide and broad across chest and arms full of strength. His short prickles of shaven down hair were practically silver under the bright sparkling moonlight and dotted stars, although at day they appeared to be almost grey- a bizarre colour for someone so young and manly-looking. He was the perfect wolf, with his stubble and clouds-on-a-grey-day like eyes and of course not forgetting that truly aggressive behaviour!

But why was he looking for Alice? Where had she disappeared to?

Run, Alice run! Don’t give up running, your feet maybe be swollen, every inch of you brawling with unbearable pain, inside and out but you must not give up; she ran breathlessly through the forest in the early hours of the morning, still clutching tight of that pea green rucksack. What if he finds me?

She stopped, gasping after hours of continuous running as she eventually reached an extensive, vacant road that again seemed to lead to practically nowhere, the opposite side of where she stood also leading into another part of a different forest. Which way should she turn? She asked herself the same question.

Gazing around both left and right, she would have to make a decision sooner or later and it better be quick! Hills… miles away to the left hand side, a few cattle upon them made up of cows and sheep, a farmhouse too yet somebody might find her there, on the right the road seemed to follow further down, perhaps there would be houses, a little village. Perhaps.

I hope.

A rustle of leaves echoed in the nearby distance. Somebody had found her! She ran faster and faster her sore limbs aching, blistering feet bleeding…they can’t ever catch up with her…they must not.

The hills were not an option for her now- they were too obvious, she must go down the road… her legs give up after moments of running as she staggered to the ground, the scab that had healed her wounded leg slashes open, her ankle sprained as she tries to limp. It’s worthless… she’s stuck in the middle of this everlasting road, the sun still not risen from its sleep, if he didn’t find her…somebody else might! Two dazzling rounded yellow lights shun brightly towards her, they were moving… fast. She could just about work out the shape of the shadowy object they belonged to. A car…

This is it Alice… this is where it ends!

The author's comments:
Continues on From my other Bloodrush work. You can also find this on my tumblr account and perhaps my one too

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