Blood Rush Part one

August 31, 2012
By katielouisew97 SILVER, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Other
katielouisew97 SILVER, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Other
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An unhealthy mixture of blood and adrenaline rushed through her cold, shrivelled, twisted heart, her Lungs gasping with the short draw of morning frost as she stumbled through the forest of darkness, the earthy soil beneath her moist upon her naked feet. She needed to run yet her skimpy, frail leg disappointed her as it came to a limp, the blood trickling down from beneath her bare unclothed knee cap. What had happened to her? What had she done?

“Alice!” The shriek bellowed in the distance. Was that who she was? Was that her name? The familiar sound of the early risen bird song danced through her piercing eardrums as she struggled to make her way through the derelict field of overgrown grass.

By the time she had reached her destination, her leg was caked in a thin layer of both dried and fresh blood, she came to the fact that she would have probably bled to death if not for wrapping her once loved grey corduroy jacket around it, now revealing more of her bitter flesh to the world around her. She was wearing now nothing more than a large quite baggy and discolored t-shirt to hide her little amount of dignity she had kept from the previous night beforehand and as it was winter, her whole body was shaken from the bitter frosted atmosphere around her.

Curiously she gazed with her Husky- like blue also piercing eyes through the tiny rectangular glass pane, a thick dirty substance making it hard to see into as she stood upon a dangerous pile of wood and debris peering into it! Whatever she was looking for, it wasn’t here!

Quickly she looked back and forth, side to side glancing around to make sure she wasn’t being followed skimming her eyes across the grassy land and the distant forest. Then she slowly made her way towards a large wooden panel where the doorway of the timid, abandoned and not very greeting cabin had once been situated; now the doorway was nothing but a hole covered by this board of wood. Again checking no one was in sight she kicked open the panel with her other foot and slid it across the wall, revealing the familiar interior of the certainly not homely cabin… her jet black hair hanging below her waist.

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