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The Fate of the Conductor

August 20, 2012
By Lafar SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
Lafar SILVER, Paoli, Pennsylvania
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It's okay to get an F. But in the greater scheme of things, nobody cares, especially when you get an ‘F’ in something that’s not reflected in the work you want to do.

With the last downbeat of The National Anthem you complete your last concert, you plan on retiring at the ripe age of thirty seven, and today marks that day. The crowd claps and whistles, you signal for your players to rise, and retire from the stage. On your way down the stairs you spot an old friend.
“Hey Bill! I hear that you are retiring, am I right?” he says.
“Well, of course, I’m single, rich, and happy! I don’t see why not!” You reply.
“Ha-ha, I figured” your friend says while he walks away.
On your way to the car, you see some movement, but disregard that as a bird as you unlock your car. When you get it, it takes a couple of more tries than usual to start up your antique car, it seems odd.
When you are pulling up your driveway, you stop and look at your house. Or, should I say mansion. It’s cold outside but you don’t care, you snuggle in your overcoat and remember an old memory.

“Bill! Bill! Where are you?” cries a voice.

Then you see nothing, you wonder to yourself if this is a hallucination or a dream.

The scene reappears, in an abandoned ship yard, big metal cargo crates are everywhere, and the sea looks evil, and malignant. The same person is cornered between 2 cargo crates that form the letter L. Another shadow appears and it seems to approach the person, as you look closer, you realize that it isn’t a shadow, but someone in black clothing. The man’s face cringes in recognition, as he sees the monster’s face, he tries to scream, but all is too late. The shadow dives for his feet, trips him, rips out his arms, eats them, and surprisingly that man is still alive. You see the figure rip out his heart, hold it in glory, and bolt away.

You wake up in your car the next morning, sweating from that nightmare. You go inside and take another nap.

When you wake up again, it is 2:33 PM you go to the attic and see a mirror. You wonder “I don’t remember going into this room, not to mention this antique mirror…” You step closer to the mirror, and touch it. Your hand goes through the mirror and appears on the other side, cloaked in black. You stumble back in realization. All logic seems to be too realistic. That monster, that face, this mirror, your hand cloaked in black. Suddenly, a strong wind, too strong to be natural, pushes you into the mirror, and knocks you out.

You see yourself on top of a grand structure. You spot an ingot of gold ahead. Greed overcomes you, but sensibility says that this must be trapped, rigged. You take a step forward, and the gold ingot seems to increase in size, but goes further. You wonder what is happening. You sprint towards it, and the ingot increases in size, but goes even further. You give up in frustration, but see another mirror up ahead. You get tired of this chasing, and step through the mirror. Your eyes widen, as you see a monstrous figure, dressed in black, and cargo crates surrounding you in a L shaped figure.

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