The Haunted

August 16, 2012
By Tyricabannana BRONZE, Olive Branch, Mississippi
Tyricabannana BRONZE, Olive Branch, Mississippi
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The Haunted
December 17, 1935, 9:08 A.M., It is just about time for bed. Me, Momma and Papa have just arrived at our new house in Chicago. We are ready to start a new life. Papa is drafted into the military and Momma is a factory worker. My name is Anne, I’ m 15 years old, and I always speak my mind. As I unload boxes from the back of our truck, I walk into the house. Now, this is the first time I actually saw the house in person, upfront, for real this time, and I am not impressed. The house is old, and by old I mean... VERY OLD. There are leaks in the ceiling, the wood floors whined as I walk on them, and there are cracks and tears in the wall paper. I hated the place, but it is very affordable for my parents so, well… It is love at first sight.
Five hours have passed since we first arrived, and we have one room filled with boxes and furniture. I’m taking my belongings upstairs to my room. The rooms are very big. I mean, I’ve never had a room this big, but again, the room is trashed. Dust everywhere, creaky floorboards, and oh yeah, a bird’s nest in the hole in the ceiling. After I set my stuff down, I decide I should explore the house a little more, to see where I will be living in for the next 4 years. I walk down a long dimmed hallway and looked into a room. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a little kid, a little girl with long hair and a dress, running across the hallway and into another room. Thinking I’m just imagining things, I shake my head and continue on with my adventure.
I am outside into the backyard, and decide not to go farther from the door. The grass and weeds had grown up past my knees, and I am afraid something will jump out at me, and grab my legs, and pull me into a black hole in the ground or something… “I watch a lot of movies... A lot of scary movies…” As I walk further into the yard, trying to find an easier way to get through the brush. I hear mother calling me. At that moment, I sprang up the steps. I swung open the door, and ran down the hall way towards the entrance, in slow motion. I jumped high in the air, landing right in front of my momma, who did not find my little stunt amusing. I look at her panting.”What is it momma?” I said “I am exploring the shac-, I mean the house...”. “Stop acting like such a fool and finishing helping us with moving” she said. My momma is as boring as a rock, when it comes to humor or joking around. So I groan, and walk outside to help my papa with the boxes.
December 18 1935, 10:56 P.M. We finally finished packing and ate dinner. It is time for bed, but for me, I couldn’t sleep, it is time to explore! I put on my slippers, my jacket, and tip toe out into the hall way. I look up and down the hall way to make sure no one’s awake, and I make my way down to the attic door. When I reach the door, I open it and look inside. There is a bunch of boxes, pictures and furniture, and from what my momma tells me... This house is pretty old, so there must be some interesting things to look at. I walk into the middle of the space and pick up a picture. In the picture, there is a family of three, a mother, a father, and a little girl, who looks just like me. I must be my imagination, so I look at the picture more closely. This picture looks pretty old, and as I study it further, the door behind me slams shut. BANG! In surprise, I gasp and look around the room, then back to the picture. I am very disturbed to see that the three people that were once strait faced have creepy smiles on their faces and their eyes are bulged in a very spine tingly way, but the weirdest thing about this picture is the little girl in the picture, is no longer there. Now at this point, I am more than a little freaked out. I am ready to run, but something stopped me, and compelled me look into the window. And when I did, I screamed as loud as I could, and ran out of the attic. On the attic window are the two parents in the picture with the creepy faces are looking into the window and smiling, making their eyes bigger, and more horrifying.
December 19, 1935, 7:45 A.M. By this time, I am ready to leave this house. I have already been scared to death by some creepy picture and a scary attic. Then I start to think how silly it all sounds, so I can get over it. I assume it’s just my over active imagination, tricking me again. I think to myself, self... this is going to be a great day. I’m going to ignore the creepy details about this house, and enjoy my time here. I am grateful to be here! I run down the pathway to my papa, and he tells me what to do. It’s been two hours now, and I am still pulling out weeds. Pouting, I looked across the yard. The tall grass and weeds taunt me as they sway in the cool breeze. As I skim the yard with my eyes I look up at the house and jump back in pure horror. The little girl that I saw in the picture, in the attic is hanging from a noose in my bedroom window, with the same creepy look on her face as her parents in the picture.
December 19, 1935, 7:34 P.M. We are all sitting at the dining room table, eating thin crust Pizza that my momma made from the left over dough she had from the previous dinner. People didn’t really like Italian food, but I LOVED it. It is usually too expensive, so we made do with what we had. After dinner, I went up to my room, closed the door and sat at my desk. I saw a slip of paper under a book on my desk, and I move the book and examine the paper. GET OUT OF HERE! I threw the paper across the room, jump into my bed, and hid under my blanket like a turtle hiding into its shell. I look down near my feet, at a scary faced image of a man, and scream as loud as I can. The man’s smile grows bigger, and his eyes are glowing little fireballs. He opens his mouths slowly and said. “I found you.” I scream, jump out of my bed, and run down the hallway. I look back, and a woman is spiders crawling on the wall towards me. I run as fast as I can, swung open a door, and fall. There is no floor in the room… I am falling... I see the mother from the picture, holding a shovel, digging dirt out of a grave. I see a body of a young girl in the hole, who is rotting and holding her arms up to me. She is smiling. She is happy to see me falling to her. I screamed as loud as I could, then... No more.

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