August 15, 2012
As I stepped into the cold morning breeze of September, leaves crunched under my shoes. The trees had come to look like something from a fairytale with their leaves bright yellows and oranges. The smell in the air was fresh, clean and crisp. As I set out for a morning walk I let my whole body relax, enjoying the picturesque setting around me. I looked around, not a soul in sight. The sun was about in the middle of the sky telling me that it was at least noon. I hadn't even thought to check the time before I left our little home. The house was a three bedroom two and a half bath. The front yard had two ash trees growing steadily and covering the yard with its colorful leaves. There was little furniture on the big porch. A few wicker pieces were the only thing on the porch that spread the length of the house. The front walk curved and engraved with a pattern was also covered with leaves. As to the inside of the house it was cozy with a large living room a basement and a second story. While I walked down the street glancing at the other houses I pondered the possibility of living in any of them, it seemed to be impossible though, for i had never known any other home than my own. I continued on walking and took my usual route going down Erie St. and then through Trailmarker Park.

The park was also empty, it seemed no one was going anywhere or doing anything today. Everything was empty. When I was going around a corner toward my house I noticed a lone man walking behind me. He was kind of creepy,but it was broad daylight and anyone can walk the streets with out suspicion. Still there just wasn't something right about him. I hurried to cut through my yard to the side door of my house. I opened the door and nearly flew through it. I then went to my room and looked out the window. He was standing right there on the sidewalk staring at me through the dirty window pane. I quickly closed the curtains and slid to the floor. I could feel my heart thumping almost completely out of my rising and falling chest. Why had he been looking in my window? And more importantly why had he been following me?

The rest of the day had been almost like a dream. I wasn't sure where I was headed or how I would get there. After cleaning the bathroom I headed to the kitchen to wash some dishes. As I was filling the sink with water and dirty pans I glanced out the window. The man was standing at the edge my backyard. This time with two other men. The man I had originally encountered was tall, almost six foot seven with dark brown hair, his facial features hidden under the brim of his hat. The man to his left was shorter, probably almost shorter than myself. He was turned away revealing only the color of his blond hair. The third man, was of average height at approximately six foot with bright red hair. They were pointing at me now and it didn't take me any time at all to duck below the sink.

Nightfall came and it was time for bed. I slipped into a pair of Nike shorts and a purple tank top then turned the light out and crawled into bed. Just as I had pulled the covers up to my chin and rolled over on my side, something crashed through my window. Afraid to look up I buried my face in my bunny pillow, but curiosity won out. I looked up, and standing in front of the broken window was the man who had followed me. I acted like I was sleeping as he crept toward the edge of my bed. I felt a small pinch and then everything faded to black.

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kaitlynAnnePhillips said...
Sept. 24, 2012 at 9:44 pm
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