The Bet

August 4, 2012
By Anonymous

After the door shuts and the footsteps die he realized he was utterly alone. The house was empty but what did he expect it was abandoned a long time ago and was considered to be haunted. He heard the creek from the walls as the wind blew against them. He walked up the stairs he was terrified but that’s what made it fun he loved haunted houses plus he was dared couldn’t back down now. He looked at his phone it was only ten o-clocks ten more hours left. As he walked up the stair he looked around and noticed how beautiful the house would be if someone just cleaned it up a little. As he walked the long hallway he thought “This ain’t really a house it to big but it ain’t big enough to be a mansion.” There were 5 bed rooms on this floor each with a bed, dresser, night table, and a desk all covered with big cotton white sheets. He went back down stairs and looked at the living room and for the first time looked around he noticed the big fire place made of stone, the sofa and two big chairs all covered in white sheets even the side table had a sheet. Creped out he moved to the dining room and the kitchen witch was far too small. As he walked back to the living room he realized how tiered he was. So he walked back to back up the long, grand stair case. He pulled out his iPod and his flashlight and noticed he had for gotten his sleeping bag and pillow and went back for it. He grabbed his bag and pillow and went back up stairs. He found a room with a huge bed pulled off the sheet and laid his old beet up green sleeping bag and pillow on the bed laid down and went to sleep.
2 hours later

He woke up screaming sweat beading down his face but he didn’t remember hi dream. That’s when he heard it. The slow steady breathing in his ear he slowly turned toward the sound but there was nothing just dark the moon shining through the window gave little light and was of little help. “It’s nothing the rumors are getting to my head,” he whispered “Why am I whispering?” he said a little louder. He turned over and laid back down closed his eyes and quickly fell asleep. Creek …Creek…Creek…Creek. He sat straight up as if a pail of cold ice water was poured on him. He looked around the room and there in the corner there was a rocking chair rocking back and forth back and forth but no one was in it “the wind…the wind blew it” but there was no wind and the one window was closed. He walked to the window and checked it all over “The window is locked” he walked to the chair and inspected it closely but “It must be my imagination or maybe I dreamed it” but he didn’t believe it. He walked down the stairs to the kitchen and looked in the cabinets. He found one cup he rinsed it out and filled it with water and took a big GULP. That’s when he heard it the faint sound HAHAHA like two children playing. He fallowed the sound to the sound to the living room and there on the floor were two girls one tall and slender with long brown hair to her waist with a whitish hint to it she sat on the floor holding a doll designed to look just like her. Sitting in front of her was another girl who looked almost exactly like the first with the only exception her hair was dirty blond and in pigtail braids. The girls clapped hands as they sang “Patty cake patty cake bakers man…” He was so scared he ran upstairs to grab his stuff at the top of the stairs however he slipped and fell and hit his head. When he woke back up there was nothing. No girls no sound… nothing. He walked slowly cautiously to the room he had been sleeping in and after inspecting it he lay down. He looked at his clock it was two thirty he then fell back to sleep.
30 minutes later

He awoke and slowly turned his head and saw in front of him a face white as a sheet it looked as if it were asleep. Then he heard the sound of a child crying and the eyes flashed open with such speed and there was nothing there they were hallow and dark as night. He let out a scream and ran toward the door and pulled and pulled on the door knob but it was locked he couldn’t open it. Then he felt a cold, wet hand on his shoulder and he turned around slowly and there stud a woman her face was white bur u could not see the rest of her past the dark crimson color dripping from her throat. She exclaimed three words “Help Me Please.” He was in such shock he ran through the door and ran in to something with such force it knocked him down he stood up and in front of him stood a boy covered in blood “Help Us Please!” And he began to cry. He ran right pass the boy and fell down the stairs. He felt a sharp pain from his head and reached up to touch his head looked at his fingers witch were covered in blood. He stood up and looked in the mirror and saw five faces a woman three children and his own covered in blood he ran out the front door screaming. The door closed behind him and he never returned again.

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