The Mystery Man

July 29, 2012
By alexwillams49 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
alexwillams49 BRONZE, Jacksonville, Florida
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Samantha King was running in the woods on a stormy night. Every time she turned around to see if her stalker was still running after her, he was. Samantha stopped running, and turned around to face her stalker/chaser. "What do you want?" she yelled as the storm rumbled. The man chuckled, "You already know what I want. To my knowledge you already know what people think before they speak." Samantha tried to read the mans mind, but she couldn't. Could he be a.vampire? "What are you?" Samantha asked. "Whats the matter Sam, can't read my mind?" The man walked closer to Samantha, but every step he took she stepped back. "Since you know what I am, why do continue to taunt me vampire?" The man laughed aggressively. "Sam, Sam, Sam, I am not a vampire."
Samantha looked puzzled. She couldn't read his mind, or control him. The man must've been a werewolf. "Your a lycanthrope." Sam said fiercely. The man shook his head. Samantha stopped moving, and looked down. The rain was now coming down like cats and dogs. "I'm...confused."
The man put his hands in his pocket. "Everybody thinks I'm a vampire, some think I'm a werewolf, but I'm neither. I'm a species that know witch, werewolf, and vampire ever knew about." Samantha walked up to the man , and looked into his eyes. "Then, what are you?" The man stuck his fist through Samantha's stomach. "Something that will destroy every mythological creature on this planet earth. " The man took his hand out of Samantha's stomach. "Send the message to your fellow friends," the man said delightedly.
Samantha tried to stand up, but she couldn't. She was paralyzed and tired. Samantha looked at the man while he was walking away thinking of what he could've been. She couldn't do any of her mental tricks on him. Samantha closed her eyes and started chanting words. "Est skeut ru..."
Samantha King was now dead.

The author's comments:
I just thought about writing a mythological creature story. This is only the beginning.

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